June 29, 2016


Helping the Industry Stay Safe, One Job Site at a Time


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WORKSAFE is the nation’s first safety program involving a public-private partnership. The Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Iowa OSHA) and Master Builders of Iowa launched WORKSAFE in September 2012 by offering a safety service that is a customized approach, unique to each project owner and job site team. WORKSAFE is a construction job site safety program that consists of pre-construction planning, job site surveys focused on preventing hazardous conditions from occurring and job site recognition that safety is a top priority for all involved in the project.  We encourage all owners, design professionals, contractors and service providers to learn more about the WORKSAFE program.  Partner with us in leading the way toward injury prevention, preservation of life and ultimately, safe job sites.


Pre-Construction Safety Review
A meeting is held with all contractors of the WORKSAFE project. During this meeting, hazardous activities are identified and questions are asked regarding how these hazards will be controlled. Best practices are determined and a plan of action is developed and forwarded to all contractors on the project.

Job Site Safety Surveys
Safety surveys are conducted on the WORKSAFE project by OSHA Consultation and Master Builders of Iowa. While on the job site, MBI Safety consultants conduct a thorough assessment of all aspects of the site. Any issues that need to be corrected are addressed from a coaching perspective and all site operations that were found to be in alignment with OSHA standards are noted. These reports are then generated and forwarded to all contractors on the site.

Project Recognition
An important component of the program is making a statement to the public that safety is important to everyone on the project.

  • A WORKSAFE banner is provided to display at the job site
  • WORKSAFE hard hat stickers are provided to all workers on the project
  • A press release is prepared and sent to local media outlets (optional)
  • WORKSAFE projects are recognized through MBI communications and listed on the MBI website

Access to MBI Safety Services
The general and all subcontractors on the project are eligible to receive safety services from MBI throughout the duration of the project, including:

  • 24/7 access to construction-specific safety professionals via phone, text or email
  • OSHA citation assistance
  • Tool-box talks
  • Training-on-demand services
  • WORKSAFE Record

Special Package Pricing
For optimal safety results, safety professionals recommend additional site visits depending on the duration of the project.  For this reason, we have developed a special discounted pricing structure.

We would be happy to explain the benefits that WORKSAFE can bring to your jobsite.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


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“One of the most intriguing aspects of WORKSAFE is the way safety professionals here at McComas-Lacina Construction work with Iowa OSHA and MBI to create a customized safety approach for each construction project. This requires all parties to be involved at the beginning of the project to employ various ideas. This is especially important for owners (like the University of Iowa) who attract a wide range of contractors and helps to establish safety goals among all of the parties involved at the front-end of the project.”

“Since Graham Construction already utilizes many of the safety services provided by MBI, it just made sense to incorporate WORKSAFE into our safety program. We have found that when WORKSAFE professionals come to our job sites, they strive to coach the workers, rather than condemn them if safety actions are not proper.  This benefits all those involved in the project - from the owner to the construction worker. We look forward to continued support of the program.”

- Mike Hahn, President
McComas-Lacina Construction, Iowa City, IA

- Steve Hauschilt, President
Graham Construction Co., Des Moines, IA


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