January 20, 2019

Outstanding Company Safety Achievement Award Winner

Outstanding Safety Achievement Award Winner

2018 Winner

General Contractor Category

2018 Winner

Specialty Contractor Category 

Outstanding Company Safety Achievement Award

Recognizing Company Safety Efforts

The Outstanding Company Safety Achievement Award is an Iowa OSHA and Master Builders of Iowa sponsored award that has become one of the most prestigious safety awards in the state of Iowa for the construction industry.  The overall goal is to encourage and recognize significant achievements in workplace safety.  The process solicits the best practices in accident prevention and promotes the sharing of the industry’s best achievements to advance safety at all levels.  The award is presented in two categories:  General Contractor and Specialty Contractor.  You must be a member of Master Builders of Iowa in order to submit for these awards.   

The panel of judges is made up of a variety of safety professionals from the industry, as well as representatives from Iowa OSHA.  The judges will be looking for demonstration of company management commitment, active employee participation, safety training, work site hazard identification and control, and safety program innovation.

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