January 20, 2019

Build Iowa Award Recipient

Build Iowa Award Winner

2018 Winner

The 2018 Build Iowa Award was bestowed to Kent Pilcher of Estes Construction, Davenport, Iowa at the Build Iowa Breakfast held in conjunction with the Association’s Annual Winter Conference.  Inspired by the MBI motto, the Build Iowa Award is presented annually to the individual who best exemplifies the tenets of our organization:  skill, integrity and responsibility.  The honorees are judged by the manner in which they have performed within the construction industry, as well as their communities. 

Build Iowa Award

Skill | Responsibility | Integrity

The Build Iowa Award was initiated in 1989 as a vehicle to honor MBI members and to bring public attention to excellence in the construction industry.  Each year, the Build Iowa Award is presented to a general contractor or an associate member who best exemplifies the tenets of our organization; Skill, Responsibility and Integrity.  The nominees are judged by the way they have performed both within the construction community and in their communities as well.

A nominee can be an active or retired member, but membership within the organization is required.  The panel of judges is made up of a variety of members at the executive level.  Nominees will be judged according to contributions to the industry, contributions to the community, professionalism in business dealings and construction projects.