January 20, 2019

Leadership in Workforce Recruitment Award

WORKSAFE Project of the Year Award

2018 Winner

EMC Building - 219 8th Street

WORKSAFE Project of the Year Award

Recognizing a Project's Overall Safety Efforts

The WORKSAFE Project of the Year Award is recognition to the contractor of an enrolled WORKSAFE Project for significantly promoting, training and recognizing best safety practices on their site through the duration of the project.  This award is given to recognize companies who are making it their mission to increase the visibility and effectiveness of worker safety in the built environment.

Entries must be from a Master Builders of Iowa member.  The project for consideration must be “from the ground up” and shall be completed as of the date of submission.  The project must have participated in a minimum of 4 surveys conducted by Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. and Iowa OSHA Consultation.

The project will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Best Practices – created as part of the WORKSAFE plan that were executed and carried out through the duration of the project

  • WORKSAFE Values – were emphasized and implemented

  • Pre-Planning

  • Additional Hazard Remediation

  • Collaboration

  • Recordable Injuries

  • Survey Scores

  • WORKSAFE Implementation – At what stage of the project was WORKSAFE Implemented

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