January 20, 2019

Project Managers and Project Supervisors – A High Performing Leadership Series

An Interactive Program that Focuses on the Project Team

Project Managers and Project Supervisors - A High Performing Leadership Series is a program that creates an environment designed to focus on leadership and teamwork between two critical positions within a construction team. The manager and supervisor need to be on the same page when it comes to staffing, scheduling, communicating, budgeting, change orders and so on, and this program helps these leaders understand themselves, and each other. Items addressed in this program are viewed from the perspective of the project manager and the project supervisor to assure a high level of understanding. This exciting series combines the experiences and knowledge of project managers, project supervisors and presenters, focusing on team building workshops to address common construction roadblocks to effectiveness.

Companies are encouraged to enroll employees in this program as a team...a project manager and a project supervisor.

Program Details:
Duration: Meets for two consecutive weeks on Thursday and Friday
Time of Year: January / February
Location: Various cities in Iowa
Class Size: Maximum of 40 participants
Other: Open enrollment

Project Managers and Project Supervisors 2019 has begun and registration is CLOSED! To be added to a list for early notification of the 2020 program, please email Tom Fulcher at

Project Managers and Project Supervisors Class of 2019

Russ Acton, Baker Group
Corey Anderson, Baker Group
Daniel Blaesing, Carl A. Nelson & Company
Erich Boettcher, Downing Construction
Branson Cain, Estes Construction
Nick Carroll, Kingland Construction Services
Kurt Chicoine, Graham Construction Co.
Thomas Devereaux, Woodruff Construction, LLC
Matt Doubet, Woodruff Construction, LLC
Steve Furman, Heartland Companies
Drew Gadberry, Downing Construction Inc.
James Garnica, Builders Sales & Service Co.
Brandon Halsey, Graham Construction Co.
Jon Howard, Dean Snyder Construction
Tamsen Kirby, Russell Construction Co., Inc.
Aaron Ledeboer, Graham Construction Co.
Alex Maass, McGough Construction
Mike Murrens, Russell Construction Co., Inc.
Ryan Nelson, Woodruff Construction, LLC
Andy Pullen, Heartland Companies
Grant Reimers, Woodruff Construction, LLC
Jeremy Roush, Core Structural Services, LLC
Jeff Rude, City Construction
Casey Schwanke, Graham Construction Co.
Don Smith, Western Speciality Contractors
Bob Stutes, Carl A. Nelson & Company
Jim Tague, Estes Construction
Mike Wiedman, Elder Corporation
Patrick Woodson, McGough Construction

2019 Class Dates:
Session 1
(Iowa City) January 10 & 11, 2019
Session 2 (Ankeny) January 31 & February 1, 2019



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