December 11, 2018

Construction Update Network

In today’s marketplace it would be futile to attempt to find a portion of the business world that has not been changed drastically with the growth of cyberspace; shopping, banking, communication, entertainment.

Not to be left off the list is the way in which you can acquire your construction project information. There will always be two sides to the coin but if you were to draft a list of pros and cons the advantage of acquiring your project information digitally is overwhelming.

Welcome to MBI’s Bidding Information Service - The Construction Update 

Master Builders of Iowa is proud to provide an invaluable service to the construction industry by providing project information across the state. The Construction Update membership provides you with the most comprehensive bidding information service available in the Midwest. By utilizing our services, your company will experience more opportunities for growth and will obtain the information necessary to succeed in today’s competitive construction industry. Master Builders of Iowa’s Construction Update is here to help you through every phase of the construction process. From pre-planning to award information, we will search out the information and report it to you accurately and completely. Our services are beneficial to owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.

 Mission Statement: To lead the industry in aggressively identifying, harvesting and processing essential project information and reporting it in a consistent and effective way

The Construction Update offers two options for obtaining project information services. To learn more about the services, view the links below.

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