November 15, 2018

A Look Back at 2016

We are happy to report that 2016 was a year of many successes.  We saw record attendance in nearly every program and event that was held and there were many new initiatives that were rolled out throughout the year.  The 2016 Annual Report is now available online for review and we encourage you to take a few minutes to see what took place this past year!

ATTN: MBI Members – Stay Informed on What’s Happening at the Iowa Capitol

With a Republican governor and Republicans controlling both the Iowa Senate and House, this shift of political power at the Iowa Capitol has the potential to transform Iowa’s regulatory programs and presents new opportunities for legislative initiatives. However, the political make-up also creates challenges in how the state best maintains its current building portfolio and ways in which it funds new structures.

The Best in the Business

The Iowa construction industry is certainly not short on options for commercial construction project information. But did you know that not all project information systems were created equal? Here at the Construction Update Network, project information is our business and we have studied it thoroughly. So please allow us to point out 3 important facts that set us apart from any competitor.

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To access the listing of available discounts to members and their respective discount codes, you must be logged in to the MBI website. CLICK HERE to access the discount codes page. 

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Join Iowa’s Commercial Contracting Association and Receive a $300 Coupon Towards Training!

All firms joining MBI from now until the end of June will receive a $300 coupon good towards a one time use on education and/or safety training conducted by MBI.  The coupon can be redeemed towards training at the Winter Conference and the Project Manager/Supervisor Series.  Other seminars may be added in the course of the year that would qualify for coupon use.  (Does not include the Leadership Experience, MB EYE on the Future or Cornerstone Academy.)  

2016 Election Results

As the dust settled and all votes were counted on Election Night 2016, we knew that there was a shift in power, but had no idea as to the extent.  Starting at the top of the ticket, the presidential election was one that caught most everyone (except those in the Trump camp) by surprise.  Candidate Trump was able to connect with voters who were fed up with the status quo and wanted something different, regardless of what “different” looked like.  Likewise, down the ticket voters opted for a change for whatever reason.  Regardless to say, the results were beyond what any pundit could have predicted.

The MBI and BirdDogHR Partnership is a Combined Effort to Recruit Workers to the Industry and Close the Skills Gap for Members

One year ago, BirdDogHR™, the leader in talent management solutions for the construction, engineering and skilled trades industries, and the leading building contractors association in Iowa – Master Builders of Iowa (MBI), chapter of Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) announced the creation of a new career site targeting workers for the Iowa Building Construction Industry. The MBI Job Board offers an easy way for career seekers to locate and apply for jobs in the building construction industry.

MBI Members Are Able to Post Job Openings at No Cost

Has your company taken advantage of the MBI Job Board that is offered to our members at no cost?  Posting a job opening on the MBI Job Board is a great way to advertise your available positions to candidates interested in the construction industry.  Through a partnership with BirdDogHR, MBI created an online job board for the construction industry.  The job board is not housed on MBI’s website, but can be found at   The site is being advertised to our education and state partners, including high schools, community colleges, 4-year institutions and Iowa Workforce Development. 

Reports have shown that a great deal of the visitors to the MBI Job Board are younger individuals that may be looking for entry level and/or internship opportunities.  We encourage all members to post entry level opportunities if you are looking for new talent, straight out of high school!

Only MBI members can post career and internship opportunities on the job board that is available to anyone looking to find a position in the industry.  If you are new to the Job Board, simply go to to get started.  Once on the site, click on the Employer Registration button that is in the middle of the page.  Fill out your company information and hit submit to begin the process.  Your information will then be sent to MBI to confirm that you are a member of the Association.  Once the approval process is completed, you will be contacted by BirdDogHR to get your company profile ready to start posting jobs!

Here at MBI, we understand that recruiting is a huge undertaking for MBI members and we hope that the job board can be an additional resource for your firm to find the labor force and leaders you are looking for.  If you have any questions, please contact Micah Loveless at (515) 657-4398 or

Vote Pro-Business, Pro-Construction

Come Tuesday, November 8th, people across Iowa will be asked to make a selection of who they want serving in the White House, the US Capitol, the Iowa Capitol, the county courthouse and city hall.  From now until then, the evening news will report new polling data, showing candidate A leading candidate B by X points with a margin of error of + or – 4 percent.  However, as many in politics say – the only poll that matters is the one done on Election Day.

THANK YOU to Those Who Submitted Their Exceptional Field Workers to Be Spotlighted!

We want to thank all the companies who participated in Construction Week by submitting their Exceptional Field Workers to be highlighted!  During Construction Week, we spotlighted 101 exceptional field workers on social media!  This group of Exceptional Field Workers can also be found on our website – CLICK HERE to access the listing.  In addition to the social media and online coverage, we will be highlighting all of the Exceptional Field Worker submissions in the winter edition of the InsideMBI magazine.

Don’t Forget……Construction Week is More Than a Week-Long Event

Ask any contractor what keeps them up at night and 9 times out of 10 they will answer with something related to their ability to attract the next generation workforce. The shortage of workers in the skilled trades is high, and will continue to grow in the years to come. This shortage has the potential to be a game changer in the construction industry, which is why Master Builders of Iowa is undertaking a new campaign to create excitement about our industry. This effort was kicked off with Governor Branstad proclaiming the first week of October as Construction Week in 2016.

Top Quality Information

The Iowa construction industry is certainly not short on options for commercial construction project information. But did you know that not all project information systems were created equal?

Here at the Construction Update Network, project information is our business and we have studied it thoroughly.