January 23, 2019

What Your Business Needs

The word ‘membership’ might bring a variety of things to your mind. It seems you can be a ‘member’ of almost anything today. Some are for fun, some are for discounts, and some just simply go unused. However, a membership to the Construction Update Network could be one of the biggest breakthroughs your business will ever receive.

ConsensusDOCS - Construction Contracts Built by Consensus

All parties in a construction project deserve to work under a fair contract – one in which their interests are represented during the drafting process. ConsensusDOCS contracts are developed by a coalition of 38 leading industry associations representing owners, contractors, subcontractors, designers and sureties. ConsensusDOCS contracts protect the best interests of the project rather than a singular party, yielding better project results and fewer disputes.

Learn How to Hold Your Own Successful Safety Week

It seems every month, week or day has a specific focus to it anymore: “National Nurses Week,” “National Robotics Week” or “National Volunteer Week.” In our industry, “National Safety Week” is acknowledged throughout the country. However – when was the last time your company celebrated “Safety Week?” A lot of companies want to take the next step, but they just don’t know where to start.

Senate Moves Statute of Repose and PLA Prohibition Bills

Legislative Focus
March 10, 2017
Volume XVI, Edition 9

In a very busy week of debate, the Iowa Senate passed two key components of MBI’s policy priorities for 2017.  The first was SF 413, which would reduce the statute of repose on all real property.  The next was SF 438, which would prohibit both Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) and disqualification policies for all public jurisdictions.

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Get More Involved in Your Industry – Join a Committee!

MBI is fortunate to have a significant number of individuals who are willing to devote their time, talent and expertise to the Association and give back to the industry in a productive and meaningful way.  The MBI committee system is the backbone of the Association and is responsible for generating the many services, new ideas and policies that reflect the desires and needs of an ever changing industry.  Committee members travel from all over the state to participate in meetings designed to inform and produce programs and services that reflect the needs of the membership.

10 Tips for Submitting Better Bids

As the commercial construction industry rolls into 2017, there is a very high likelihood that we will see more projects out for bid than any other year in the past decade. While estimators will be hard at work, any of them will tell you that there is always more than meets the eye when it comes to putting together a competitive bid.

PLA Prohibition Passes out of Subcommittee

Legislative Focus
February 24, 2017
Volume XVI, Edition 7

A Senate Labor and Business Relations subcommittee approved SSB 1145, which would:

  1. Prohibit a public owner from entering into a project labor agreement (PLA)
  2. Prohibit a public owner from creating any sort of ordinance or rule that would require an interested bidder, as a condition of bidding, to submit a questionnaire that would divulge proprietary and / or confidential information.

MBI has long pushed for a PLA prohibition that would codify Executive Order 69, which was signed by Governor Branstad on his inauguration day in January of 2011.  (If you recall, EO 69 prohibited the use of PLAs on any project in which state funding was provided.)  SSB 1145 is the culmination of legal battles and PR campaigns against the use of government mandated PLAs.   

House and Senate Pull Long Hours to Pass Collective Bargaining Reform

Legislative Focus
February 17, 2017
Volume XVI, Edition 6

A long week of contentious debate wound up on Thursday with both the Senate and House using a “time certain” motion to cut off debate.  Time certain basically cuts off all debate on any remaining amendments.  At a specific time, all amendments are voted on, one-by-one, with no debate.  Once all amendments are disposed of, a vote is made on final passage.  In my 21 year career at the Capitol, I recall having only seen this done on one other bill – the House’s consideration of the prevailing wage bill during the 2009 legislative session.  Only difference was that time certain was granted by unanimous consent, whereas, the one this week was a party-line vote.

Public Sector Collective Bargaining Bill Dominates Week at Capitol

Legislative Focus
February 10, 2017

Volume XVI, Edition 5

The House and Senate introduced companion bills that would reform Chapter 20 – Iowa’s public sector collective bargaining statute.  The bills – HSB 84 and SF 213 – would reform a 40 year old statute that outlines what are negotiable items and what are not negotiable items.  The bill basically maintains the existing format for those in public safety.  However, all others are scaled back to basically wages.