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Whether your company is a specialty contractor, supplier or general contractor the declining number of workers is most certainly affecting your business. MBI understands this and we are proud to offer resources to MBI members to assist them in this area. is a major part of these resources. It includes career information that can be used to educated students or other potential workers as well as videos, training opportunities and information for parents and educators.

What is the Last Planner System?

The Last Planner System (LPS) is a collaborative planning process that involves trade foremen or design team leaders (the last planners) in pl­anning in greater and greater detail as the time for the work to be done gets closer. This is sometimes known as Pull Planning.

LPS was created to enable more reliable and predictable production in projects. It also:

  • Supports the flow of work through the project
  • Builds trust and collaboration with a project team
  • Delivers safer projects faster.

LPS brings together those who will execute the work (the team) to plan when and how work will be done through a series of conversational processes. It requires the team to collaboratively remove constraints as a team and to promise delivery of each task. These systematic processes increase the chances that work flows reliably, and recognizes that personal relationships and peer pressure are critical to that process.

MBI Awards - Get Your Team Recognized!

Each year Master Builders of Iowa recognizes companies and individuals with Iowa’s commercial construction industry for outstanding projects, safety, workforce development efforts, and career longevity.  In conjunction with the annual winter conference, MBI recognizes the outstanding efforts of several companies and employees to shed light on the importance of quality workmanship and teamwork in the commercial construction industry.

The Advantages of MBI Membership

You’ve already discovered the value of a Construction Update subscription for obtaining your construction project information, but did you know that you could get that same subscription for less by becoming an MBI member?

That’s right. When you are a member of Master Builders of Iowa, you receive a 20% discount on a regular Construction Update subscription. Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member with Master Builders of Iowa, in addition to a 20% discount on your project information.

The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ would certainly apply to the world of bid date selection. More specifically, knowing the type, size, and location of bidding projects is of the utmost importance in making sure that you select the bid date that is right for your project.

With your project submission on you are notifying other project representatives of your projects’ bid date thus allowing them to choose a bid date that will not conflict with yours.

Great Times at the 6th Annual MBI-PAC Sporting Clay Builders’ Classic Events!

The powder may still be smoking off everyone’s guns, but it’s time to recap the 6th Annual Sporting Clay Builders’ Classic. We had a hot day out in Eastern Iowa (Riverside) on Sep. 20, and a beautiful cool day in Central Iowa (Waukee) yesterday on Sep. 27. Both shoots again were very successful and turned out 175 Shooters again (15 teams in Eastern Iowa, 21 Teams in Central Iowa).

This year, MBI members raised over $40,000 for the MBI-PAC to support pro-business, pro-construction policymakers at the Capitol. This event continues in the great MBI tradition of bringing together industry colleagues for a day of construction camaraderie.

Environmental Workshop Coming Soon – Register Today!

Master Builders of Iowa has partnered with Iowa Lead & Asbestos Safety / Iowa Air Quality to develop a 1 day workshop that will address the health hazards, code compliance, exposure levels and more on some of the most dangerous and deadly products on a construction project.

The key topics that will be addressed in this workshop include Lead, Asbestos, and Silica as well as the role that proper respirator use plays in keeping workers safe and healthy. For each of these topics, we will explore the health risks involved, air quality monitoring, recordkeeping, permissible exposure levels, medical surveillance, and much more.

In addition to great information to keep employees healthy, this workshop will provided individuals enrolled in the Master Builder Designation program with seven (7) Ecological credits toward the Master Builder Achievement Award.

Shine the Spotlight on Your Field Staff

During Construction Week 2018 (Oct. 1-5), we will “shine the spotlight” on exceptional field workers of our member firms on social media and in our communication pieces.

We are asking our members to submit exceptional field staff to shine the spotlight on them during Construction Week! We will post all submissions throughout the week on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  We will also create a photo gallery of all submissions on our website and they will be featured in the Winter Edition of the InsideMBI magazine.  

Simply return the submission form and a high-resolution photo of your exceptional field worker to Aly Schmidt at by Thursday, September 27! Please limit your submissions to 5 individuals per company (MBI member firms only). 

Utilizing MBI’s Job Board

For quite some time now the labor shortage surrounding commercial construction has taken center stage on the list of issues facing our industry. To ease this burden for your company, it is vital to utilize all of your available resources, and the MBI Job Board is one of those.

Construction Week ’18: A time to promote the industry and recognize outstanding employees!

We’re excited to announce that this year’s Construction Week will be held from October 1-5, 2018.  To help us celebrate the 3rd annual Construction Week, Gov. Kim Reynolds has already officially proclaimed October 1-5, 2018 as Construction Week.

As an MBI member–and integral part of making Construction Week a success–we are inviting you to mark your calendars, to help us promote the men and women in the commercial construction industry, and showcase the rewarding careers that are available right now!

Introducing the Next Generation of WORKSAFE

WORKSAFE 3.0 is the next generation of new aspects within the traditional WORKSAFE program.  If you recall, Iowa OSHA and Master Builders of Iowa launched WORKSAFE in September 2012 by offering an onsite construction safety program that involves a customized approach, unique to each project and job site team. WORKSAFE is the nation’s first safety program to involve public-private partnerships between construction contractors, MBI via Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. (CSSI) and the Iowa OSHA.

Bidding Trends - How Owners Select Project Delivery Methods

In today’s complex world of commercial building owners have a big choice to make when selecting a project delivery method. This choice will vary with the scope and objective of the project, and can have huge impacts on the length, cost, and quality of the build.

The article below will provide some insight into how owners select project delivery methods, as well as an overview of what their options are.

How Owners Select Project Delivery Methods

Construction Update Subscription

It is no secret that Iowa’s commercial construction industry is fast paced and constantly evolving. When your company is looking for a way to stay ahead of the bidding market, there is one option that stands out from the rest: a Construction Update Subscription.

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