November 15, 2018

Shine the Spotlight on Your Field Staff

During Construction Week 2018 (Oct. 1-5), we will “shine the spotlight” on exceptional field workers of our member firms on social media and in our communication pieces.

We are asking our members to submit exceptional field staff to shine the spotlight on them during Construction Week! We will post all submissions throughout the week on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  We will also create a photo gallery of all submissions on our website and they will be featured in the Winter Edition of the InsideMBI magazine.  

Simply return the submission form and a high-resolution photo of your exceptional field worker to Aly Schmidt at by Thursday, September 27! Please limit your submissions to 5 individuals per company (MBI member firms only). 

Utilizing MBI’s Job Board

For quite some time now the labor shortage surrounding commercial construction has taken center stage on the list of issues facing our industry. To ease this burden for your company, it is vital to utilize all of your available resources, and the MBI Job Board is one of those.

Construction Week ’18: A time to promote the industry and recognize outstanding employees!

We’re excited to announce that this year’s Construction Week will be held from October 1-5, 2018.  To help us celebrate the 3rd annual Construction Week, Gov. Kim Reynolds has already officially proclaimed October 1-5, 2018 as Construction Week.

As an MBI member–and integral part of making Construction Week a success–we are inviting you to mark your calendars, to help us promote the men and women in the commercial construction industry, and showcase the rewarding careers that are available right now!

Introducing the Next Generation of WORKSAFE

WORKSAFE 3.0 is the next generation of new aspects within the traditional WORKSAFE program.  If you recall, Iowa OSHA and Master Builders of Iowa launched WORKSAFE in September 2012 by offering an onsite construction safety program that involves a customized approach, unique to each project and job site team. WORKSAFE is the nation’s first safety program to involve public-private partnerships between construction contractors, MBI via Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. (CSSI) and the Iowa OSHA.

Bidding Trends - How Owners Select Project Delivery Methods

In today’s complex world of commercial building owners have a big choice to make when selecting a project delivery method. This choice will vary with the scope and objective of the project, and can have huge impacts on the length, cost, and quality of the build.

The article below will provide some insight into how owners select project delivery methods, as well as an overview of what their options are.

How Owners Select Project Delivery Methods

Construction Update Subscription

It is no secret that Iowa’s commercial construction industry is fast paced and constantly evolving. When your company is looking for a way to stay ahead of the bidding market, there is one option that stands out from the rest: a Construction Update Subscription.

Here at Construction Update, project information is our business and we work hard to make sure our information is accurate and complete. Our Construction Update Subscription provides your company with the three daily reports and one weekly report below.

MBI Construction Golf Classic & Smoker - See you at the 19th!

For eighteen years, MBI has brought together construction colleagues from throughout the state to participate in the MBI-PAC’s top fundraising event. The “Smoker” is a great way to share good times with industry partners and play golf at Iowa’s premier golf venue, all while supporting the industry’s important and influential political action committee. For instance, last year’s event attracted over 150 golfers and over 40 different companies served as sponsors for the event.
Event Details: 
August 13, 2018
Wakonda Club

Save the Date for Construction Week 2018

It is only June, but the Construction Week 2018 is quickly approaching, and MBI is excited to be celebrating the industry during this time while inviting you to do the same. Construction Week is an opportunity to recognize the individuals in the workforce who are building Iowa’s future day-in and day-out.
This recognition gives credit where credit is due, while also sending a message to people outside our industry that this is a place where great, long-term career opportunities exist.

Does your company get involved with local schools?

Being involved with local schools is probably the most important part of the entire Construction Week campaign when you consider that the main goal is to educate students, parents, teachers and counselors about the opportunities for great careers in construction after high school graduation.  As a contractor, think of Construction Week as a reminder to get involved with your local school districts, or even a reason to start a program for those of you that are not currently involved with local schools. 

Does Your Team Need Specific Training and Need It Soon? Contact MBI for Training-on-Demand!

In addition to the training programs outlined in the education section of the website, we offer training programs based on the requests of one, or several construction companies.  Training-on-Demand courses can be planned to fit the schedule of your company and can be offered either as a private in-house program, or a public course open to other companies.  Training-on-Demand has become a popular alternative to the traditional training schedules used throughout the indust

Legislature in overtime as tax reform and budget remain key priorities for lawmakers

The House of Representatives worked on a comprehensive energy bill through the evening on Thursday into Friday morning adjourning just before 6AM.  However, no further debate is expected today or this weekend.   
While there wasn’t much movement in either chamber as negotiations continue on tax reform and the budget, both chambers did take action on several budget bills which means they are one step closer to adjournment. 

Legislative floor action grinds to a halt...

As negotiations on a tax reform package and the budget for the next fiscal year continue with leaders behind closed doors, there is not much new to report this week.  The rank and file members of the Senate were sent home Tuesday and the rank and file members of the House were sent home Wednesday. 
However, the House did vote out five budget bills out of the Appropriations Committee, even though they are likely to be adjusted when they are debated on the House floor.  Read the entire Legislative Focus here.