January 20, 2019

Bidding and Project Procurement

Attend Scheduling and Estimating Seminars at Upcoming Conference

The Master Builders of Iowa Annual Winter Conference is right around the corner and if you are looking to improve your skills or the skills of your team, you do not want to miss this event.  Scheduled for February 25-27, 2019 at Prairie Meadows Events and Conference Center in Altoona, this conference has high level seminars on leadership, project management, safety, and much more.

A couple of the Tuesday, February 26th seminars to highlight here are Scheduling – Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them and Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Closed-Loop Estimating.

Register Early for the Popular Leadership Series for Project Managers and Supervisors!

Registration is now open for the High Performing Leadership Series for Project Managers and Project Supervisors, now in its sixth year! Designed for the project team, this leadership series has received great reviews over the years and we anticipate attendance to continue to sell out. The program is set in an environment designed to focus on leadership and teamwork between two critical positions within a construction team.

Construction Update Subscription

It is no secret that Iowa’s commercial construction industry is fast paced and constantly evolving. When your company is looking for a way to stay ahead of the bidding market there is one option that stands out from the rest: a Construction Update Subscription.

Here at Construction Update, project information is our business and we work hard to make sure our information is accurate and complete. Our Construction Update Subscription provides your company with the three daily reports and one weekly report below.

The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ would certainly apply to the world of bid date selection. More specifically, knowing the type, size, and location of bidding projects is of the utmost importance in making sure that you select the bid date that is right for your project.

With your project submission on you are notifying other project representatives of your projects’ bid date thus allowing them to choose a bid date that will not conflict with yours.

Bidding Trends - How Owners Select Project Delivery Methods

In today’s complex world of commercial building owners have a big choice to make when selecting a project delivery method. This choice will vary with the scope and objective of the project, and can have huge impacts on the length, cost, and quality of the build.

The article below will provide some insight into how owners select project delivery methods, as well as an overview of what their options are.

How Owners Select Project Delivery Methods

Construction Dive: Construction managers offer increased transparency and improve construction outcomes

Often a problem not only calls but screams for a solution. The field of Construction Management (CM) rose out of such a need. In an industry where lack of transparency is a frequent complaint, a view into real construction costs is beneficial to Owners, investors and the public. Construction Management provides such a view. You can’t put a value on public trust – so this is a win for the construction industry as a whole.

Your Life Just Got Simpler

Iowa Bid Date

Your life is busy. The last thing you can afford is wasted time. If you are an architect, engineer, project owner, owner representative, construction manager, or anything in between, is the perfect tool to make sure your project advances to the building stage without unnecessary hiccups.

ConsensusDOCS - Construction Contracts Built by Consensus

All parties in a construction project deserve to work under a fair contract – one in which their interests are represented during the drafting process. ConsensusDOCS contracts are developed by a coalition of 38 leading industry associations representing owners, contractors, subcontractors, designers and sureties. ConsensusDOCS contracts protect the best interests of the project rather than a singular party, yielding better project results and fewer disputes.


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