January 20, 2019


Support the MBI-PAC Today!

The MBI-PAC strives to provide members with a multitude of ways to participate in the MBI-PAC. However, the most convenient way to contribute can be achieved right here with a simple click on the icon below.


IMPORTANT – For your security and confidence, personal credit card contributions to the MBI-PAC are administered through PayPal™. Please feel free to use your PayPal™ account. If you do not have an account, don’t worry. Simply click on the “Do Not Have an Account” link for the credit card option. Also, only funds from a personal credit account will be accepted. Iowa law prohibits corporate contributions to political action committees.

 You may also complete a pledge sheet by CLICKING HERE and mailing in a personal check.

Thank you to those who have seen the importance of investing in Iowa’s construction industry by contributing to the MBI-PAC.

MBI-PAC – Supporting Pro-Business, Pro-Construction Candidates

The MBI-PAC is a tool that helps in every facet of our public affairs efforts. The MBI-PAC exists solely to provide support to candidates who reflect the ideas and values of the Master Builders of Iowa.  The MBI-PAC helps to foster relationships in working with candidates who will support our efforts. When the MBI-PAC contributes to a candidate, a mutual respect is developed which allows for a good working relationship in the policy-making process. The same hold true for all levels of government – federal, state, county and local.

MBI-PAC Fundraising Efforts – Offering Members a Variety of Ways to Get Involved

On average, the MBI-PAC raises over $100,000 from industry-leaders on an annual basis. Achieving such tremendous results is evidence that MBI members understand the importance of investing in their industry. To complement the membership’s understanding of the relationship between money and politics, the MBI-PAC takes an approach of providing variety, convenience and value for perspective contributors. Opportunities to contribute can take many forms – from golf outings and concert packages, mail solicitations and on-going / multi-year pledge campaigns.

The 2018 Construction Golf Classic and Smoker in August was a huge success with over 150 golfers. And in September, we saw over 175 shooters at both our Sporting Clay Builders’ Classic events. 


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