July 20, 2018

MB EYE on the Future Grads Testimonials

“I have gained a much higher level of confidence in myself in front of a group. Ken’s class brought out skills I had inside, I just didn’t know they were there or how to get to them. I’m now a better listener to my wife, family, co-workers, and clients. I feel more comfortable standing up in front of people and interacting in groups of people I don’t know. The skills I have learned are going to benefit me, my company, and those around me for the rest of my career.” - Jason Bowden, GC3, LLC

“If a company is looking to grow great, enthusiastic and confident leaders, MB EYE on the Future is a ‘must’ class to have. The class will do wonders for an employee’s confidence. Ken does an excellent job of developing people into confident employees with his teaching of this class. It is worth the time and money for the future of your company to send employees through this class.” - Kevin Larsen, Woodruff Construction, LLC

“Great job in providing us the tools to be better at communicating, remembering peoples’ names, and giving us the confidence to break out of our shell. This class has provided me the knowledge and skills to teach and pass onto others in my organization. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to be a leader, whether at home, their community, or work.” - Jeff Jordan, Baker Group

“Ken is a great teacher. This course has greatly improved many important skills that I have to use daily. This class has helped me be more comfortable speaking in front of groups, improved my self-confidence, and also helped me recognize areas I needed improvement.” - Brandon Black, CSSI

“Ken Bradford is a miracle worker! He has an entertaining way to engage the class and help each member progress. The growth of every person in this class is phenomenal. I love the practical exercises – that’s truly what puts this training in a whole new league. Outstanding! I would highly recommend this training to anyone hoping to gain confidence as a speaker and a leader. Wow!” - Katrina Moore, Henkel Construction Co.

“This course has made me confident to go in front of other professionals and present. Even if I’m not the ‘smartest’ person on a particular subject, I feel confident enough to have a discussion. Couldn’t recommend this class more to all construction professionals. I believe this course will benefit throughout the rest of my career.”- Rob Greiner, DCI Group

“CONFIDENCE!!! Within the first hour of the class, Ken will get you out of your shell, and it only gets better from there. I have gained an ability to speak to anyone on just about any topic. The toolbox that Ken leaves you with is applicable across all avenues including work, family, and social life.” - Ryan Lebeda, Graham Construction Co.

“This is a great course for self-confidence. It gives you the tools to become a better leader and person. The listening skills and memory tools have helped me become a more engaged person in my workplace and at home. I do feel as if I have become a better leader and gained self-confidence. This, in turn, has made me a better speaker which I primarily wanted to become. Thank you for everything.” -Marcus Seden, Russell Construction Co., Inc.

“Ken is an excellent facilitator and pushes everyone outside their comfort zone. He is dynamic and interactive, making the time go by quickly. I greatly appreciate all he has done for me personally. I would highly recommend Ken’s program for anyone beginning careers in leadership positions.” -TJ Meyerholz, Ryan Companies US, Inc.

“The Leaders course has made a positive impact on my life on both personal and professional levels. The course provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is looking to improve their leadership abilities. We were able to utilize a variety of exercises to break through perceived barriers to accomplish a common goal of becoming better leaders. This course has made me into a better speaker, listener, and most importantly, a better leader.” - Mitch Connot, W. A. Klinger, LLC.

“This course was an opportunity for continued learning. Not only are we learning skills for our career but for personal betterment. I am normally a skeptic when it comes to these classes. Not the case with Ken Bradford’s course. The personal growth will stay with me forever. Thank you.”- Rick Trower, Neumann Brothers, Inc.

“My confidence has grown in myself. From meeting one new person to speaking to a group, the improvement is very noticeable. The ability to remember names is priceless within and outside the workplace. I could have never imagined how close I could feel to a group of 21 ‘strangers’. We’ve experienced a lot together and I look forward to opportunities to cross paths in the future.” - Rachel Scheve, RSM US LLP

“I gained a huge amount of confidence and skills that will benefit me both personally and professionally from here on. This course has made me feel like a leader, which is an excellent first step in actually becoming one. This course got me out of my comfort zone but ended up being fun and a lasting impression, and relationships were gained.” - Kelly Edmonds, Rinderknecht Associates Inc.

“Great course for personal development. Monthly, you would see people coming out of their shell. Anyone who is timid or scared to speak in front of people would benefit greatly from Ken’s expertise. The confidence and increased self-worth this course instills is career changing. Thank you, Ken, for everything.” - Ruben Billalba III, 1st Interiors, Inc.

“This course did a great job of providing training for a very important, but seldom addressed topic. The environment created in the class made all of us comfortable, even when exposed to difficult situations. Moving forward, I know that I will benefit from principles and experiences that I received in this class.”- Brian Mulcahy, Hy-Vee Construction, LC

“This class has given me tremendous confidence to speak to groups, listen better to individuals, and help succeed in the workplace. The ideas Ken brings to the group are tremendous and I would recommend to anyone looking to continually improve their people skills.” - Bill Bruce, Bush Construction Company, Inc.

“I truly received a lot of new tools to use to be a better speaker, and also a better person. I learned to refocus my attention to the details of listening and engaging with people at work and home. It was a fantastic learning experience that I would recommend anyone to do. Thank you and good luck in the future.” - Eric Kingland, Kingland Construction Services

“This class has been nothing short of amazing. I always looked forward to seeing Ken and seeing everyone’s progress from month to month. I know my confidence and focus has improved drastically since starting this class. I have a renewed sense of purpose to become a great leader.” - Joey Rains, Peters Construction Corp.

“Great tools to be a confident speaker. The tools I’ve learned will make me an improved communicator in reaching and connecting with people. Speaking/communication tools I’ll use the rest of my life.” - Bryan Hoffa, Graham Construction Co.

“MB ‘EYE’ on the Future has provided me an invaluable resource to further my development and personal growth individually and within my company. The tools and training provided over-exceeded my expectations. I regularly find myself referencing class material and takeaways to get me through certain situations. The overall engagement between MBI, Ken Bradford, and Matt Bruinekool really shows how much time and effort was put in this course. Truly proud to say that I had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program! Thanks!” - Jordan Einck

“I think that I have gained an unmeasurable amount of confidence from this course with Ken. Speaking in front of groups is so much easier now. I think one of the most important factors is being able to just talk and relate with people better. It’s fascinating to me that I can learn skills to be a better communicator and leader, similar to learning more tangible skills like riding a bike. In addition to my self-growth, I was able to meet a lot of great people in the industry that I hope to keep in touch with throughout my career and life.” - Matt Tursi, The Weitz Company

“The MB ‘EYE’ on the Future course provided so many opportunities for me to improve my speaking, interpersonal, and leadership skills. I constantly found myself sharing my experiences from the previous class with my family, coworkers, and members of my community. The skills and tools I have learned from this class will undoubtedly transfer to nearly all aspects of my life and I am grateful to MBI for the opportunity to be able to participate.” - Justin Brown, Downing Construction

“The techniques I got out of the class to help improve my speaking are great and I will use them all my life. The self-inflection of what I was doing wrong or why I was doing it taught me a lot about myself and how to improve both my professional and personal life. I can honestly say I’ve never taken a class like this before.” - Brett Foley

“If you or your staff need to develop small or large group speaking skills and confidence, this is the class to take. This was my third “speech” class and the only one in which confidence was developed in order to have a one-on-one conversation with someone I didn’t know yesterday. It gave me the skills to learn and of which to be aware to lead a conversation and develop relationships. It was hard work and induced anxiousness, but we were actually taught how to overcome that emotion.” - Aaron McCaslen

“This class is the pinnacle program for MBI members. It should be a class every company wants to send employees to. This class has enabled me to be a better public speaker, act and think under pressure, and learn subtle but successful techniques to become a better listener. This class, thankfully, got me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to become assertive with my fears. I now enter work each day with a new confidence and ability to become a better leader for my company.”  - Matt Burch, Ball Team, LLC

“This course was fun, but it was also extremely valuable in teaching us to focus much more in our message than on ourselves. The opportunities that we had to speak helped our confidence and taught us that our vulnerabilities are not liabilities, but strengths in conveying our message. The helps that were provided to us for remembering names, speaking in groups, and organizing our thoughts were simple, but with that simplicity they were also easy to learn and apply. Thank you for a course that is full of information and applications that I will use.” - Paul Pestel

“Ken’s class is a safe and nurturing place to take risks in front of a group, which just breeds confidence that spills over into everyday life. There are so many ‘tricks of the trade’ that he teaches in class that are easy and natural to apply to every situation – both professional and personal. I can think of at least three people I know that should take this class!!” - Kelly Slota, Doors Inc.

“This course provided me not only with the tools and skills necessary to be an effective communicator but also with the confidence that comes from successes. Ken PRIES you out of your comfort zone, and you learn and grow from that experience. Looking around the room at my classmates, the improvements in communication skills and confidence is tangible. Every single person is a better communicator now than they were 5 months ago.” - Matt Weller, Hubbell Construction Services LLC

"This has been the most fulfilling training I have been in.  Ken has given us all the tools to be leaders, not just bosses or managers, but true leaders." - Cheryl Hubbard, Henkel Construction Co.

"Great program - I can't think of anything I would change about it! Thank you!" - Tyler Theisen, Cedar Valley Steel, Inc.

"Being a part of the MB EYE on the Future program was amazing.  I gained many skills that can be used in my everyday life.  Skills that will improve me as a person and as a future leader in the construction industry. - Geoff Miller, DCI Group

"Great course and confidence builder. I would recommend this to anyone." - Randy Dempewolf, Conlon Construction Co.

"Far and away the best career development program during my professional career.  Amazing to see the gains in confidence in myself and others as it relates to public speaking and leadership." - Adam Boeckmann, Architectural Wall Systems

"Ken's teaching methods give you small opportunities to gain positive experience.  Each time I felt more relaxed and able to focus on my message - not myself.  I strongly recommend anyone that has the desire to improve themselves go through this course because gaining self-confidence will take you a long way inside and outside of your career." - Glenda Durst, Control Installations of Iowa

"Number one thing about the class is that it was FUN!  I came away with some great tools to use and feel it was vital to my professional development.  I met great people and will keep in contact as they are peers." - Scott Illingsworth, Russell Construction Co., Inc.

“This class has allowed me to grow as a professional project manager within my company. This class has given me the opportunity to meet other project managers and build lifelong friendships.” - Jason Hall, Architectural Wall Systems Co.

“This course not only provided me with the skills to become a better leader and listener, but it also provided me the skills to become a better person.” - Rod Schumacher, Conlon Construction Co.

“MB Eye on the Future provided an opportunity to meet and foster relationships with peers I would likely never have had the chance to know, the networking alone is worth the cost of the class. The chance to develop and hone my public speaking and management skills in a comfortable setting along with Ken Bradford’s positive influence has, without question, made me a better leader.” - Rob Davis, Bush Construction Company Co.

“While increasing our leadership skills, this course also allowed us to develop relationships that we will maintain for a lifetime. These relationships will allow the construction industry in Iowa to grow quicker, be more influential, and help develop future leaders.” - Matt Davis, Neumann Brothers Inc.

“A chapter is only as strong as its members. This program strengthens everyone.” - Jerod Engler, Bush Construction Company, Inc.

“Builds both the company and chapter succession plan. Keeps organizations not just alive but vibrant!” - John Martin

“Leaders are first and foremost, communicators. If our members can’t speak effectively, how can they lead effectively? This program dramatically raises communication skills and confidence to a whole new level.” - Keefe Gaherty, Conlon Construction Co.

“Now, our industry has 24 more professional managers.” - Daniel Pottratz

“Propels members into leaders! It also sets a good example for non-members and makes them think, ‘I wanna join!' ” - Ross Dix

“Great program for the chapter. It improves individual communication skills and fosters better communication skills across a broad spectrum of the industry.” - Chad White

“Makes you think about how you can serve/lead within the chapter, which keeps the organization strong.” - Brandon Schoborg, Cardinal Construction Inc.

“Grooms the future leaders of our industry. Prepares members for volunteer leadership opportunities.” - Chris Smith, Carl A Nelson & Company

“Assures that our future industry leaders have the essential tools for success. Actual training, not just covering topics.” - Steve Wilson

“I pull out the small pocket booklets at stop lights! This was a fun and interesting class.” - Paul Kalb, Conlon Construction Co.

“I have gained new confidence speaking in front of groups. I’m a better listener now. I can remember names and hopefully have become a better leader to those around me. Great teambuilding at the dinners.” - Justin Grager, Russell Construction Co., Inc.

“Showed me how to create positive relationships faster and think better under pressure.” - Jason Ceretti, Edge Commercial, LLC

“Now I know how to manage and control any anxious feelings while leading groups. One important aspect is being better able to relate to people. I found that the advice on small-talk was helpful.” - Alyssa Donegan, Star Equipment, Ltd.

“Taught me some great skills to hone my leadership skills. It also helped me recognize areas I didn’t use very well. I really enjoyed all the interaction too.” - Chad Halupnick, DCI Group

“Makes a huge positive change in our work and our personal lives.” - Patrick McClain, Northwest Steel Erection Co, Inc.

“Issues develop where there is poor communications. These leadership techniques are critical to workplace morale, organization and effectiveness.” - Kevin Hodgson, W.A. Klinger, L.L.C.

“Helped me slow down and be a better listener. Also helped me not be so direct and commanding. So much more can be done with leadership skills than dictating.” - Tony Schmalz

“The once a month schedule with assignments gave me time to absorb and reflect on the material. The topics were basic but unique to other leadership courses I have taken. I think polishing the basics was what I needed to improve my leadership style.” - Joel Veenstra, Baker Group

“Wonderfully organized. Each session reinforced and built on the previous one. Undoubtedly the best training our chapter ever offered.” - Steve Watson, Henkel Construction Co.

“This class I believe was the best course I have ever taken.  I have told so many people about this class.  I feel that I have truly benefited from attending.  I have made some new friends and learned some great techniques to help myself along my career.  It makes me want to become more involved with our chapter.” - Mike Yilek, Northwest Steel Erection Co, Inc.

“Life changing.  Professionally, but more importantly on a personal level.  Confidence grows each session with the activities.  Exercises are applicable every day.  I will never be the same person again.  The skill set I have now is something that has positively affected me but also those I touch daily.” - Dave Peterson

“The program opened my eyes to my weaknesses and strengths.  It offered me great insight and opportunity to work on those weaknesses.  Last but certainly not least, the friendships and relationships I have developed by learning who and what our association truly is and the comradely developed will carry me into the future. Thanks for offering this opportunity.” - Amy Fetters, McGough Construction

“It's unfortunate I can only express the need for this program in a few sentences. This changed my professional lifestyle. Anybody that does NOT take this program will be leaps and bounds behind their competition.” - Jim O'Brien

“Leaders are built, just like buildings, from the ground up.  This program allowed me to garner the skills necessary to become a leader.  I will use these skills for personal and professional advancement.  Thank you!” - Kirk Conklin, Seedorff Masonry Inc.

“I left the class with a great deal of respect for the little gold card principles. I've learned to respect people more, leading them, not pushing. Very constructive feedback that is so good and helped each individual improve.” - Mark Hasek, Graham Construction Co.

“Ken Bradford is a true scholar in the topic of listening, speaking and human relationships. The ability to care as truly and thoughtfully as Ken has with this group over the past five months is a testament to this course.  I would recommend this to all up and coming chapter leaders, as well as current long-term experienced members. Thank you Scott for bringing Ken to the class and Ken for teaching me all that you have.  This course will last a lifetime and surely bring reoccurring tactics and principles to our daily lives.” - Chad Bunner, Neumann Brothers, Inc.

“Far and away the best group learning session I have been involved with.  A great opportunity to meet with and learn from a group of industry peers.  Ken Bradford took everyone’s speaking and leadership skills to a new level.” - Dave Leonhart, Cardinal Construction Inc.

“This is a “must have” course for entry to upper management. This thought-provoking class lets us step aside from the daily grind and review/ learn the small things that allow us to be better leaders, managers, communicators and chapter leaders.” - Jeff Stickfort

“I became a student of “leadership”.  Leadership is a subject that bombards us daily.  Through the program, I have honed skills and acquired tools that have helped me grow both as a leader as well as a person.” - Mike Welter, Story Construction Co.

“After completion of this class, you will be able to think on your feet and speak to any group with complete confidence.  You will gain friendships and expand your communication strengths, both professionally and personally.  You will not be disappointed --- this class is worth your time.” - Casey Port, Hubbell Construction Services LLC

This course was very beneficial!  It has improved my self-confidence, communication skills, and help me recognize (and pull-out) my leadership abilities.  The value of this course cannot be understated.  Ken Bradford not only taught us, he truly cares about us and believed in us.” - Kendall Meyeraan
“I do not think I can briefly explain what I got out of this class. I do not know if you can honestly measure the impact. It is a must for present and upcoming leaders who could benefit from increasing their speaking skills, leadership skills, and overall capabilities” - Brad Best, Peters Construction Corp.

“Challenged me to be my best. I can state in no uncertain terms that the skills I learned during this program will stay with me for many years to come.” - Tom Quinn, Bush Construction Company

“Excellent. It pushes you to a new level of professional and personal development.” - John Taylor, On-Site Solutions

“I gained techniques and skills that I now use daily. I can more effectively run meetings and collect information specifically pertaining to agendas. I developed the confidence to get 'out of the box' when speaking. Thank you!” - Melissa Driskell

“A real confidence builder!” - Jamie Rochleau

“No matter how comfortable you think you are with public-speaking, you will become even more so with this class.” - Nate Carney, Dean Snyder Construction
“Helped me become a better listener and I'm on my way to becoming an excellent listener! I've also learned to consider silence before criticizing or complaining.” - Eric Simon, Bluestone Project Solutions
“Enough time to improve your life personally and professionally. I feel more confident. I recommend this class to anyone trying to get ahead.” - Tug DenOtter, Allied Construction Services

“Taught me that being a good leader comes from being a very effective listener. This program will make anyone a better person, not only at work but in their personal life.” - Kory Carty, Cardinal Construction Inc.
“I wish I would have had these tools earlier in my career.” - Kevin W. Clemens, Neumann Brothers Inc.
“The best (of several) leadership courses I have ever participated in, by far. Very open honest communications. Also, huge camaraderie developed through the program.” - Joel Purcell, Russell Construction Co., Inc.

“Great for getting people out of their shell and becoming much better at leaders.” - Nate Burgod, Elite Glass and Metal
“I did not know what to expect. I had the idea this leadership class would be a waste of time. It was extremely helpful and made me realize that traits I thought were unalterable we’re skills that you learn through practice and concentration. I came into this class nervous and hesitant and walked out confident.” - Steve Marso, Whitfield & Eddy Law
“Goes a long way towards moving someone beyond what they learned in school to being a leader - someone who can not only do but who can lead, teach and persuade.” - Mike Ernster, Russell Construction Co., Inc.

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