July 20, 2018

MB EYE on the Future - Class of 2013


John Baker
Rinderknecht Associates

Adam Boeckmann
Architectural Wall Systems

Russ Connett
Baker Group

Randy Dempewolf
Conlon Construction Co.

Glenda Durst

Darin Foreman
Knutson Construction Services, Inc.

B.J Frideres
The Weitz Company

Casey Hansen
Graham Construction Co.

Cheryl Hubbard
Henkel Construction Co.

Scott Illingsworth
Russell Construction Co., Inc.

Scott Kutchen
Story Construction Co.

Geoff Miller
DCI Group

Brian Norton
JE Dunn Construction

Jacob Pipkin
TrueNorth Construction Specialty

Berry Reeves
Henning Companies

Jon Swanson
Doors Inc.

Tyler Theisen
Cedar Valley Steel, Inc


In 2013, the Master Builders of Iowa began its 101st year as the voice of the commercial construction industry in Iowa. This voice has consistently and unequivocally expressed the notion of fair and equitable relations and ethical business practices in Iowa’s commercial construction industry. The following is a quote from the MBI articles of incorporation:

“To promote and establish fair and equitable dealing and equitable relations between contractors engaged in building construction and between owners, engineers, architects, subcontractors, labor and the public in general and to foster high ethical practices.”

It is with this bit of history in mind that the 2012/13 MB EYE on the Future class focused on ethics during their class time. As a result, the class project was to design and build a conference focused on ethics for our industry.

The class began with discussing a program agenda that worked to remind attendees and stakeholders that construction is a team effort that is most successful for the owner when skill, integrity and responsibility drive outcomes.  The importance of ethics in our industry has been in the minds of the Association for years.  The Manual of Recommended Procedures, which focuses on ethics in construction, was authored by MBI and other industry leaders with the first edition published back in 1946. The Manual reads in part, “At the heart of these Recommendations is the conviction that ethical competition is good for everyone.”  This year’s MB EYE on the Future class agrees.

It is not necessary to like your competition per se, although if you do, that is a real plus because it makes working together more fun and productive. Master Builders of Iowa does give members the opportunity to put a name on a face, and a face on a company, which is a unique benefit of the Association. That said, the class agrees that it is necessary to conduct the ethics of fair competition and that the race to the bottom is a profitless, joyless ride we don’t want to take, as our industry deserves better.

The class launched marketing efforts for the much anticipated ethics conference at the 2013 MBI Winter Conference.  The class invites all members and those in the industry to participate in the results of their class project on May 10, 2013.

Testimonials from MB EYE on the Future Class of 2013:

"This has been the most fulfilling training I have been in. Ken has given us all the tools to be leaders, not just bosses or managers, but true leaders." - Cheryl Hubbard, Henkel Construction Co.

"Being a part of the MB EYE on the Future program was amazing. I gained many skills that can be used in my everyday life. Skills that will improve me as a person and as a future leader in the construction industry." - Geoff Miller, DCI Group

"Number one thing about the class is that it was FUN! I came away with some great tools to use and feel it was vital to my professional development. I met great people and will keep in contact as they are peers." - Scott Illingsworth, Russell Construction Co., Inc.

"Great course and confidence builder. I would recommend this to anyone." - Randy Dempewolf, Conlon Construction Co.

"Ken's teaching methods give you small opportunities to gain positive experience. Each time I felt more relaxed and able to focus on my message - not myself. I strongly recommend anyone that has the desire to improve themselves go through this course because gaining self confidence will take you a long way inside and outside of your career." - Glenda Durst