July 20, 2018

MB EYE on the Future - Class of 2009

Ryan Andresen
Russel Construction Co.

Amy Boelk

Josh Braby
Neumann Bothers, Inc.

Kent Brcka
Henkel Construction Co.

Ryan Clausen
Stroh Corporation​

Mike Cooper
The Weitz Company

Aaron DeCamp
SHYFT Collective

Daniel Drefke
Story Construction Co.

Mike Ernster

Bryon Gant
Builders Sales & Service Co.

Brian Haessig
Story Construction Co.

Adam Hahn

Troy Hodapp
JE Dunn Construction

Darren Kent
Conlon Construction Co.

Dave Lott
Point Builders, LLC

Stephen Marso
Whitfield & Eddy Law

Rob McComas
McComas Lacina Construction

Tom Proctor
Proctor Mechanical Corp.

Ben Roush
Conlon Construction Co.

Jason Rowe

Patrick Sauter
King's Material Inc.

Joseph Schmit
LMC Insurance & Risk Management

Matt Thompson
W.A. Klinger

Tom Wengert
Baker Group

Chris Wheeler
Point Builders, LLC

Luke Wilgenbusch
Architectural Wall Systems

The 5th year of the MBEye on the Future Program was comprised of 26 leaders. In addition to extensive leadership training and networking each class is asked to identify and implement a class project that will involve an industry or MBI improvement initiative. The 2008/2009 class decided to develop the Career Connection section of the MBI website.  The Career Connection section is the essential online resource for promoting career options and personal development opportunities in the construction industry. The following sections are included: Learn the Construction World, Construction Education, Leadership in Construction, The Construction Network, Jobs and Resumes, and Multimedia. There is no doubt this will have a noticeable impact on our workforce of the future!