July 20, 2018

MB EYE on the Future - Class of 2005


Jeff Austin

Jeremy Butts

Ray Conway
Proctor Mechanical Corp.

Charlie Dunn

Steve Ferguson
Breiholz Construction Co.

Darrin Gillett
Peters Construction Corp.

Keith Kolacia
Kolacia Construction Inc.

Jeff Larson

Steve Leonard

Russ Lewton
Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Steve McCarron
Conlon Construction Co.

Gordon Parker
Rinderknecht Associates

Don Pasker
Seedorff Masonry, Inc.

Tom Schlotfeldt
The Waldinger Corporation

Gary Schmit
Henkel Construction Co.

The MBEye on the Future Program kicked off with its first class in 2004. In addition to extensive leadership training and networking each class is asked to identify and implement a class project that will involve an industry or MBI improvement initiative. The 2004/2005 class broke into three separate task forces and discussed the following issues.

1. To connect MBI with primary and secondary education systems with the joint purpose of developing people in the construction industry change of perception of our industry.

  • Although current programs are strong, (the Academies, Cornerstone, STP and the Build-up Kits), the task force recommended the MBI begin their involvement earlier in the process developing relationships with guidance counselors and industrial arts teachers. Recommend starting a pilot program for high school students, mentor programs, and career fairs.

2. To improve Summer Meeting attendance by program development and viability.

  • The task force polled members in an effort to determine possible causes for the decline in attendance. The results indicated a unanimous desire to continue with the program with a few recommendations for future meetings. Recommendations were made to promote and market to broader base of attendees, MBEye on the Future class involvement to change the day pattern to Thursday-Sunday.

3. To explore the issue of communication with respect to MBI and external organizations.

  • Recommendations were made for an updated website, increased MBI outreach, and expanded marketing campaign.

This class laid the groundwork for future classes so that they would be able to develop and improve important programs and processes. Thank you!