January 20, 2019

Master Builder Designation

A key component of facilitating MBI’s mission to be the essential resource for improving member performance and promoting a business environment favorable to the construction industry is our Education & Training Program. MBI members have long understood the value of making sure that they and their employees are continually engaged in learning in order to remain high performing organizations. In an effort to recognize individuals in the industry who believe in the importance of life-long learning and have demonstrated their desire for personal growth through their participation in the wide array of education and training activities offered by MBI, we have established the Master Builder designation. The Master Builder designation will recognize those individuals who have demonstrated a work history in the commercial construction industry and have been an active participant in the education and training offerings of MBI.

As we approach the first recipient of the coveted MBI Master Builder Award, designers and artists have created an award unlike anything that has been awarded before. Utilizing materials and images of the commercial construction industry, this award will become the centerpiece of each and every winner's office or display case. Earning this award is no easy feat, so it is very fitting that the award be extremely unique. Employees of MBI member firms can work toward the Master Builder Designation by attending MBI training programs on a consistent basis and by participating in our leadership training programs offered annually.

Individuals interested in being recognized as Master Builders are required to submit an application and meet the following criteria:

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