January 20, 2019

The Manual of Recommended Procedure for Competitive Bidding and Award of Building Contracts

The intent of this document is to provide recommended ground rules for competitive bidding procedure and award of building construction contracts.

This manual was adopted by the Construction Council of Iowa which includes:

  • American Institute of Architects, Iowa Chapter
  • Engineering Society
  • Master Builders of Iowa
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Iowa
  • National Electrical Contractors Association, Iowa Chapter
  • Sheet Metal Contractors of Iowa, Inc. (added 1988)
  • Central Iowa Chapter, CSI (added 1988)

At the heart of these recommendations is the conviction that ethical competition is good for everyone. Use of these guidelines by the Architect or Engineer will secure for the Owner the best value per dollar spent and assures the Contractor his bid will be processed fairly, thus enabling him to price competitively.

The Construction Council of Iowa continues the aim of the originating organizations to produce a document that will help eliminate misunderstandings that arise in the course of bidding and making contract awards.

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