January 20, 2019

Legislative Resources

Iowa’s commercial construction industry employs thousands of Iowans, pays millions in taxes to federal, state and local governments and is a key element to sustainable economic growth for our state. With such credentials, you might wonder why would policy-makers want to burden the construction industry with far reaching employment and environmental regulations and stymie growth opportunities for the industry by dictating decisions traditionally left to a company’s management team. Your guess is as good as ours. To effectively counter the anti-business and anti-construction forces at the Iowa Capitol, MBI utilizes a lobbying team and consults with many construction legal experts. Though a tremendous amount of resources goes into MBI’s public affairs program, it pales in comparison to the money spent by groups targeting Iowa’s commercial construction industry. Likewise, the same environment exists at the federal level in which the Associated General Contractors of America works tirelessly to protect and promote the construction industry.

This Legislative Resources page will offer you an expanded view of various sources of public affairs information that will give you a better appreciation of MBI’s public affairs efforts.

Message from MBI Public Affairs Committee
Ask yourself, “Where would Iowa’s construction industry be without MBI?”  The answer, we believe, would be somewhat frightening.  Without MBI’s advocacy at the Iowa Capitol, our industry would be rife with onerous regulations and left to the whims of non-competitive forces.  On the private-sector side of the construction business, MBI advocates for common sense laws and regulations that create a favorable business environment for Iowa contractors and businesses.  Likewise, in the public sector, MBI strives for policies that promote fair competition.  This is good for the construction industry as well as the public owner. But most importantly, MBI’s efforts in keeping the public procurement process based on sound policy are good for the Iowa taxpayer.

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