December 11, 2018

The Leadership Experience

An Interactive and Unique Approach to Leadership Training

The Leadership Experience is a leadership training program that addresses the critical areas of communication, collaboration, culture and customer. These four areas are critical in all levels of leadership and attendees are challenged to take the learning of previous leadership classes to the next, higher level. Becoming an effective leader requires an understanding of people, personalities, attitudes, goals and more. The Leadership Experience stresses to attendees that the most important person they will ever lead is themselves.

In addition to the classroom training, attendees receive one-on-one executive leadership coaching from our facilitator. Becoming a great construction leader does not boil down to what you know technically, nor is it about who you know. It is about…you: your character; your ability to lead yourself and others; your influence in good times and bad; and your individual career journey. This program changes individuals on multiple levels as leaders in their company, home and community.

Program Details:
Duration: Meets for four consecutive months on a Thursday afternoon and Friday morning
Time of Year: December - March
Location: Various cities in Iowa
Class Size: Maximum of 20 participants
Other: Open enrollment

2018-2019 Class Dates:

Session 1 (Cedar Rapids) December 6-7, 2018
Session 2 (West Des Moines) January 17-18, 2019
Session 3 (Ames) February 14-15, 2019
Session 4 (Cedar Falls) March 14-15, 2019

The Leadership Experience 2018-19 is SOLD OUT!  To be added to our waiting list for this program and early notification for the 2019-20 program, please email Tom Fulcher at



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