January 20, 2019

Schedule Your Bid Dates With Ease! is a free website that has been designed to assist project owners and their representatives with selecting the most beneficial bid date possible. The Construction Update tracks more than 3,500 projects on an annual basis and all of these are placed into a bid date calendar that gives an up to date outlook of all currently bidding projects.

The website lists a select amount of information on each project, including owner type, project type, project cost, and project location, making it simple and quick for the owners representative to determine the best bid date for their project. That representative can then submit project details on their own project so that the bid information can be listed on before the contract documents hit the bidding network.  Once contract documents are ready, owners’ representatives can then forward the information as usual – but this time without the guessing game of trying to schedule around a competing bid letting. is a service being offered by the Construction Update and we are excited about helping owners’ representatives name bid dates that are spread out more evenly. Thus, avoiding situations in which a project is set to compete for bidders of other projects, which in effect not only hurts bidders’ interests but can adversely impact the public owners’ pool of potential bidders. 


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