January 20, 2019

Engage MBI – Educate. Advocate. Activate. Stay Informed.

The Master Builders of Iowa is excited to announce a new advocacy program called – Engage MBI.  Through this enhanced grassroots effort, MBI members will become better informed on construction issues and can now more easily make contacts to policymakers at the Iowa State Capitol.

Engage MBI will provide members more detailed information on important public affairs issues that impact the  commercial construction industry in Iowa. 

Engage MBI was created to help members become better advocates for Iowa’s commercial construction industry.  Throughout its history, MBI has been seen as a leader at the Iowa Capitol.  Now with Engage MBI, we can take that leadership role to new levels and enhance the construction industry’s influence with policymakers.


Engage MBI was developed to EDUCATE MBI members on policies and issues important to Iowa’s commercial construction industry.  A well-versed membership is a powerful component in any public affairs program.  Learn more about MBI’s public affairs program at


Through enhanced grassroots efforts, MBI can now better ADVOCATE on policies that have an impact on the construction industry.  There are no better spokespeople for Iowa’s commercial construction industry than the members of MBI.  MBI members are passionate about this industry that employs thousands of Iowans and creates economic opportunities that benefit all regions of the state.  Engage MBI provides the tools by which MBI members can play an influential role in pushing policies that create growth and expanded market development prospects.


Strength in numbers is a key attribute to any lobbying effort and MBI is now well positioned to ACTIVATE its membership to let its voice be heard.  Every legislator at the Iowa Capitol has constituents who are active in Iowa’s commercial construction industry and Engage MBI presents an opportunity to bring a strong pro-business, pro-construction message directly to our elected officials.


The environment at the Capitol is ever changing and it is important for MBI members to STAY INFORMED on what is going on at the Statehouse.  Through Engage MBI, the public affairs team provides members a wide array of products to keep members current on issues before policymakers.  The following are important components to MBI’s public affairs program.  We encourage all members to subscribe to and utilize these important communication tools.

Become a “Company Coordinator”

An important aspect of Engage MBI is identifying “company coordinators” who are to spread the word within their respective company.  As a company coordinator, you will be responsible for company-wide messaging on MBI issues and forward “Calls to Action” alerts to all inside your company.  (More than one Company Coordinator per company is fine.)

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