October 20, 2018

Cornerstone Academy

A Solid Foundation for Construction Professionals

This construction leadership training program is designed to introduce attendees to several facets of the commercial construction industry while providing them with a wealth of valuable information and priceless resources. A solid understanding of the topics included in this program is vital to the success of every commercial construction company. This is an excellent opportunity to see a detailed overview of many important aspects of the commercial construction industry, as well as receiving fundamental information. Topics may include: Insurance; Finance; Safety; Construction Ethics and Law; Human Relations; Recruiting; Environmental Issues; Leadership; Project Management Technology; Industry Education; and Public Affairs. Presenters include industry experts who have a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding, based on years of working in Iowa’s construction industry. Each presenter provides the group with recommended resources to assist attendees with building a comprehensive supply of reference materials for future use.

Program Details:
Duration: Meets for five consecutive months on a Thursday afternoon and Friday morning
Time of Year: October - February
Location: Various cities in Iowa
Class Size: Maximum of 25 participants
Other: Open enrollment




Cornerstone Academy Class of 2019

Logan Bredesky, Baker Group

Ben Butzke, Ball Team, LLC

Poppy Conlon, Conlon Construction Co.

Curt Conrad, Rinderknecht Associates Inc.

Chris Frerichs, Kingland Construction Services

Ben Griffen, Peters Construction Corp.

David Halbrook, Halbrook Excavating, Inc.

James Heintz, ACI Mechanical, Inc.

Justin Holthaus, Knutson Construction Services, Inc.

Austin Horner, Ball Team, LLC

Ajay Kumar, Heartland Finishes, Inc.

Matt Leaders, Graham Construction Co.

Matt McSweeney, TSF Structures, Inc.

Geoff Miller, DCI Group

Jacob Pesek, The Hansen Company, Inc.

Blake Pratt, Woodruff Construction, LLC

Burke Sandman, The Weitz Company

Shane Scoles, Cardinal Construction Inc.

Mike Sherman, Hy-Vee Construction, LC

Michael Steen, DCI Group

Owen Teeling, Schumacher Elevator Company

Brian Turner, Control Installations of Iowa Inc.

Luke Wall, Woodruff Construction, LLC

David Warner, Neumann Brothers, Inc.

Ginger Zenor  Graham Construction Co.


Previous Cornerstone Academy Classes

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