January 23, 2019

There’s still time to contribute to the MBI-PAC for 2018

The MBI-PAC is a tool that helps in every facet of our public affairs efforts. The MBI-PAC exists solely to provide support to candidates who reflect the ideas and values of the Master Builders of Iowa. The MBI-PAC helps to foster relationships in working with candidates who will support our efforts. When the MBI-PAC contributes to a candidate, a mutual respect is developed which allows for a good working relationship in the policy-making process. The same holds true for all levels of government – federal, state, county and local.

MBI has been very involved in the mid-term elections for 2018. And at the direction of the Government Affairs Committee and MBI Board, we have made the strategic investments in those candidates from both parties who support our vision and mission. 

But the MBI-PAC is only as effective as the generous contributors who support it. That’s where you come in. Even though the mid-term elections are now over, there is time to still join one of our exclusive MBI-PAC recognition clubs for 2018.  Both the “750 Club” and “250 Club” have exclusive recognition through our publications and marketing materials, as well as recognition before your peers at the Annual Winter Conference. 

Through a personal contribution to the MBI-PAC, you are demonstrating your commitment to ensuring the business and construction community are bright for years to come.  You can donate by clicking on the link below, or by mailing in your personal contribution with this pledge sheet to:

Ben Hammes
Master Builders of Iowa
221 Park Street
Des Moines, IA 50306   

In 2019, MBI will again be looked at to help steer the direction of this upcoming session for the construction and broader business community.  With your help, we’ll continue our fight against the special interest groups that are attempting to make the construction industry more burdensome and litigious on contractors.