May 24, 2018

The New Blog on the Block

MBI entered the world of blogs on February 3, 2017 and we’ve been blogging ever since.  For years, we had been hearing the countless reasons for why a business should have a blog.  They are all great, very valid reasons, but I think the only thing that had been holding us back was the intimidation of actually writing blog posts on a regular basis.  Twenty short years after the term weblog was born, the MBI blog was born.  We can be categorized as a late adopter, but better late than never. 

Since then, we have been getting out toes wet in the world of creative writing and have actually begun to enjoy it.  We post to our blog weekly to keep it fresh and current and we encourage you to check it out on a regular basis.  We share our new posts on our social media accounts, but you should probably bookmark so that you don’t forget to check us out!

Check out a few of our blog posts: