January 20, 2019

Members Only Sections

Members must be logged in to the MBI website in order to take advantage of the online resources that are available.   In the upper right hand corner of the homepage, you will see a ‘user login’ area. Logging into the MBI website allows MBI members access to view member only areas of the website, such as various publications and safety resources.  If you do not know your user name and password, please email Aly Schmidt at

Here is an overview of the sections and publications within the website that are only available to MBI members:

Manage My Profile Section
Once logged in, MBI members are able to update their user profile by clicking on ‘My Account.’ Here you are able to update your email, title and your preferred method of communications.  If you would like to receive MBI publications by email instead of by mail, with a click of a button, MBI can be notified of that change. The user profile area also allows you to choose to receive additional publications that you may not currently be receiving at this time.

Member Discounts
MBI members are able to take advantage of a variety of discounts available exclusively through the Associated General Contractors of America. 

Double Breasted Companies
Sometimes construction company owners believe it is to their advantage to be able to work union shop on some projects and open shop (non union) on others.  Sometimes this is accomplished by maintaining an open shop company and then subcontracting some work to a union subcontractor.  But sometimes that is not enough --- the construction company owner wants to control both entities.  This is called "double-breasting" or operating a "dual shop" company. 

Drug Testing
MBI labor counsel Leon Shearer has developed a model program for Drug Testing that is designed to comply with Iowa law. The model is designed in such a way as to provide cues along the way where the Employers have the flexibility to fill in the blanks with business and employee policies on a number of key points.

Dual Gates
The purpose of the Separate Gate Manual is to provide information as general reference material concerning separate entrances during picketing. The manual will explain the various terms related to the subject, as well as summarize the law covering separate gates and the basis for the law.

Union Organization Efforts
Union Organization Efforts covers the many facets of unions including election procedures and union organization. This manual will discuss unlawful employer coercion, additional campaign rules, union campaign limitations and campaign propaganda and misrepresentation. Other major issues to consider in this manual include permissible action by supervisors and prohibited activities by supervisors during an organizational drive.

Association News
Knowledge is Power and keeping members informed is one of MBI's primary objectives. MBI provides a number of Information products that ensure its members are the best-informed contractors in the construction business.

  • Ask MBI is a bi-monthly publication that was developed to allow our members the ability to have their industry questions answered.
  • Fast Track is a bi-monthly news bulletin specifically designed to give up-to-the minute alerts to our membership in a condensed and timely format.
  • InsideMBI is a quarterly publication dedicated to our Association's service areas: Safety, HR/Labor, Government Affairs, Education/Professional Development, and Craftworker Training.
  • Legislative Focus is a weekly news bulletin (during the Legislative Session) designed to give the membership a report on legislative activities and alerts the membership when grass roots efforts are needed.

Safety Programs
MBI has various generic safety programs online which can be customized to meet the member’s needs. After using its MBI issued username and password members can cut and paste text from specific topics or can contact the MBI office to receive a Word version of the entire program. Specific written programs are vital to the success of a company’s overall safety program. They establish why and how policies and procedures are used to protect workers and the public from construction hazards. Specific programs make up the overall safety program.

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