January 20, 2019

MBI Safety Services

Master Builders of Iowa is the recognized leader in providing quality safety services for the construction industry in Iowa. We provide members with a comprehensive array of dues-included, as well as fee-based services.  Whether you are a current member or not, contact MBI’s safety team today to get started!

The following services are available to members as part of membership dues (select services available to non-members for a fee):

  • Member Orientation Program - Within 30 days of joining MBI, a member of our safety staff will contact the new member to schedule a meeting with company safety representation to explain all of MBI’s safety services.
  • General Company Safety Program Evaluation - Meet with contracting company and appropriate personnel to assist in identifying safety and loss control deficiencies in programs and practices to determine if the current program needs updating or revisions.
  • Consultation with Safety Professionals - MBI staff is available to respond to questions via phone, email, or text messaging.
  • OSHA Inspection Assistance - When OSHA shows up on site, the MBI safety staff is available to consult with the contracting company about what their rights and responsibilities are during the inspection.
  • OSHA Citation Consultation - MBI professionals will assist with evaluating and responding to an OSHA citation by making recommendations for a course of action.
  • Webinars - MBI brings safety to members’ computers multiple times a year through webinars designed to bring the latest safety news.
  • Various Generic Safety Programs – Generic safety programs are available for members to customize according to their needs.

MBI offers the following services on a pre-arranged fee basis (MBI members receive discounted pricing):

  • Job Site Safety Audits - Contract with MBI for safety audits of projects.
  • Preparation of Company Specific Safety Programs - Outsource the writing of specific safety programs to the MBI safety professionals.
  • Risk Management Consultation - MBI can assist in identifying risks that construction companies face and help to develop a plan to eliminate or control those risks.

For more information, contact: