January 23, 2019

MBI Awards - Get Your Team Recognized!

Each year Master Builders of Iowa recognizes companies and individuals with Iowa’s commercial construction industry for outstanding projects, safety, workforce development efforts, and career longevity.  In conjunction with the annual winter conference, MBI recognizes the outstanding efforts of several companies and employees to shed light on the importance of quality workmanship and teamwork in the commercial construction industry.

Winning one of MBI’s 10 awards is so much more than receiving a trophy and a “good job” from your buddies. These awards are about recognition when your team or one of your employees is presented with an award in front of 500 of your colleagues and peers with your company logo up in lights. With each of the MBI awards, a professional video is created and shown to the audience just prior to the respective award being presented.

In addition to the exposure at the winter conference, MBI also recognizes award winners on each of our social media platforms, our quarterly magazine InsideMBI, the MBI website, and more.

So, now that you are excited about the opportunity to submit for the MBI awards, let’s talk about the nomination process. First, CLICK HERE to access all of the award nomination forms and follow the instructions on each form. Completing the nomination form and putting together the submission binder is a process, so don’t wait until the last minute to begin as there is a lot of information to be gathered and the quality of your submission matters.

Three tips to a successful submission: Make sure your submission looks professional, be thorough, and submit on time! 

MBI members will be receiving information about all of the awards and submission deadlines the week of August 27th…that is a great time to start working on your submissions.

Finally, if you would like to take a look at the winners of each award from the 2018 winter conference, CLICK HERE