January 23, 2019

Foundations of a Field Leader

Laying the Groundwork for Effective Field Leadership

This field leadership development program is designed to provide attendees with a host of tools and information to help them excel as leaders in the areas of Leadership, Risk Management, Communication, and Personal Effectiveness.  Leading a team, crew, or group of individuals in a commercial construction project environment takes an exceptional person with the right skill set and personality, along with construction knowledge and awareness.  Leaders in the field must be able to manage time, equipment, materials, and most importantly, people. This program will provide the tools and help develop the skills of attendees in becoming successful leaders.

The audience for this program are individuals who show promise as a potential field leader, or those who are currently in a leadership role and would like to improve in the areas of leadership, risk management, communication and personal skills, such as time management, prioritizing, and goal setting.

Program Details:
Duration: Meets every other Wednesday for four sessions, with one session being held on a Tuesday afternoon and the following Wednesday.
Time of Year: January / February
Location: Des Moines and Iowa City, Iowa
Class Size: Maximum of 25 participants
Other: Open enrollment

Foundations of a Field Leader 2018-19 has begun and registration is CLOSED! To be added to a list for early notification of the 2019-20 program, please email Tom Fulcher at


Foundations of a Field Leader Class of 2019

Lucas Baker, Merit Construction Co.
Donald Bebb, Merit Construction Co.
Zach Bolin, Kline Electric
Rich Daughenbaugh, Lang Construction Group, Inc.
Jordan Deserano, Peters Construction Corp.
Chad DiMaio, Hubbell Construction Services LLC
Tyler Edgington
, Hubbell Construction Services LLC
Clint Edwards, Heartland Companies
Connor Faber, THe Hansen Company, Inc.
Nick Hecker, Bush Construction Company, Inc.
Jordan Kalisek, Graham Construction Co.
Shane Kline, Kline Electric
Justin Lancour, Woodruff Construction, LLC
Kory McCracken, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
John McManus, Lang Construction Group, Inc.
Kevin Mericle, Bush Construction Company, Inc.
Bob Mueller, Peters Construction Corp.
Wayne Mullins, The Hansen Company, Inc.
Marc Pollock, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Norman Reisetter, THe Samuels Group, Inc.
James Robb, City Construction
Devin Shiflett, Woodruff Construction, LLC
Scott Walters, Cardinal Construction Inc.
Mike Wiedman, Elder Corporation
Jay Wissink, Cardinal Construction Inc.


Previous Foundations of a Field Leader Classes



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