June 20, 2018

Coming Soon!

The furious pace of technological advancement can sometimes make it difficult to see just how amazing technology is. Who ever thought we would be able to touch a piece of glass and have access to the entire world right in the palm of our hands?

Well, amazing as it might be, Iowa’s construction industry will soon have access to the full complement of MBI resources through the newly re-designed, and soon to re-launch, MBI mobile application.

A mobile application can simplify life by providing all the needed information in a format that maximizes usability on the go. This brand new offering will feature all the basics currently available on MBI’s website, while also incorporating access to MBI’s Training Vault. In addition, a new members-only section will provide access to member exclusive content to expand the value of your MBI membership. This membership exclusive content will include customizing your notification preferences, thus streamlining your flow of information from MBI and helping you avoid unneeded communications.

MBI’s mobile application is scheduled to be available for download by February 26th, 2018, so be on the lookout for additional communications as the date approaches.