July 20, 2018

Class of 2016

Scott Anselme
Hy-Vee Construction, LC

Matt Burch
Ball Team, LLC

Kassi Colman
The Weitz Company

Nick Hellman

Lee Hollatz
The Hansen Company

Jeremy Jorgenson
Katelman Steel Fabrication

John Keener

Ryan Koopmann
Conlon Construction Co.

Shaun Kukuzke
Dave Schmitt Construction

Dale Lienemann
Estes Construction

Mike Lipp
Baker Group

Matt McSweeney
TSF Structures Inc.

Jeremy Olson
1st Interiors, Inc.

Paul Pestel
Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Justin Shannon

Kelly Slota
Doors Inc.

Bob Stokes
Rinderknecht Associates

Matt Weller
Hubbell Construction Services LLC


The 12th year of the MB EYE on the Future program was comprised of 19 leaders from our industry.  In addition to extensive leadership training and networking, each class is asked to implement a class project that will involve an industry-wide or MBI improvement initiative.  The class of 2016 focused on the growing concern of the labor shortage in the construction industry – The Future Workforce.

The Future Workforce – Mission Statement

To establish a strong, well-trained, and ready pool of workers who see the industry as a safe, fun, and rewarding career option.

The Future Workforce – Vision Statement

Informing students, parents, teachers, counselors, and school leaders on the commercial construction industry and the opportunities for great careers within it.

The following ideas were developed from their group work on the project:

  • A resource to learn more about careers in construction and alternatives to a 4-year college degree – This can be done through the creation of an interactive workforce website –
  • Membership outreach to educators, students and parents – Start an annual ‘Construction Week’ that would encourage members to contact their local schools – 1st week of October
  • Marketing plans – MBI would work to market the website and construction week resources to the industry and communities

The class agreed that this project topic is very important to the industry and suggested that it be the ongoing class project moving forward.  They established a rotating committee that is composed of MB EYE on the Future class members, both current and future, to help move the project forward each year. 


Testimonials from MB EYE on the Future Class of 2016:

“This class is the pinnacle program for MBI members. It should be a class every company wants to send employees to. This class has enabled me to be a better public speaker, act and think under pressure, and learn subtle but successful techniques to become a better listener. This class, thankfully, got me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to become assertive with my fears. I now enter work each day with a new confidence and ability to become a better leader for my company.”  - Matt Burch, Ball Team, LLC

“This course was fun, but it was also extremely valuable in teaching us to focus much more in our message than on ourselves. The opportunities that we had to speak helped our confidence and taught us that our vulnerabilities are not liabilities, but strengths in conveying our message. The helps that were provided to us for remembering names, speaking in groups, and organizing our thoughts were simple, but with that simplicity they were also easy to learn and apply. Thank you for a course that is full of information and applications that I will use.” - Paul Pestel, Knutson Construction Services, Inc.

“Ken’s class is a safe and nurturing place to take risks in front of a group, which just breeds confidence that spills over into everyday life. There are so many ‘tricks of the trade’ that he teaches in class that are easy and natural to apply to every situation – both professional and personal. I can think of at least three people I know that should take this class!!” - Kelly Slota, Doors Inc.

“This course provided me not only with the tools and skills necessary to be an effective communicator, but also with the confidence that comes from successes. Ken PRIES you out of your comfort zone, and you learn and grow from that experience. Looking around the room at my classmates, the improvements in communication skills and confidence is tangible. Every single person is a better communicator now than they were 5 months ago.” - Matt Weller, Hubbell Construction Services LLC