January 20, 2019

Committees & Task Forces

MBI is fortunate to have a significant number of individuals who are willing to devote their time, talent and expertise to the association and give back to the industry in a productive and meaningful way. 

The MBI committee system is the backbone of the Association and is responsible for generating the many services, new ideas and policies that reflect the desires and needs of an ever-changing industry.  These individuals travel from all over the state to participate in meetings designed to inform and produce programs and services that reflect the needs of the membership.

MBI Committees meet one to three times a year, and often times subcommittees of the various groups meet even more often developing the future programs and services of the association.  MBI's standing committees consist of Convention & Travel, Education Advocacy, Government Affairs, Scholarship & Academic Advisory and Technology & Innovation. 

MBI Task Forces consist of members appointed to the task force due to either their position within the association or their expertise or interest in a particular area.  These are formed on a needs basis.

To view complete committee descriptions and rosters, click on each committee separately from the icons below or from the menu to the left.

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