January 20, 2019

Bidding Guides & Manuals

The state of Iowa is fortunate to have competitive bidding laws that have clear common law history as well as code specificity in most parts of the law.  In addition to this the industry itself has cooperated for many years to create a set of standards and ethics in the form of recommendations on how the competitive bidding process should be conducted and implemented.  The Manual of Recommended Procedure for Competitive Bidding and Award of Building Contracts outlines the ethical administration of the competitive bidding procedures and offers owners and their representative’s solid guidance on the do’s and don’ts of the bid and award process for the state of Iowa.  The newly published Public Owners Guide to Legal Issues on the Bidding and Award of Construction Contracts in Iowa takes a close look at the legal process and assists owners, representatives and the contracting industry to better understand the law as it applies to all procurement processes in Iowa’s public sector.

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