June 30, 2015

What's New

Did you know that the MBI website changes on a daily basis? MBI staff is committed to providing members with a fresh and up-to-date central hub for information and industry resources. The MBI website features 15 revolving articles that change every other week with new topical information. In the What’s New section, you will be able to see what new articles, events or pages have been added to the MBI website in the past few weeks. Remember, all articles are archived for your reference.

6/22/15 Homepage - Upcoming Training Season and Your Master Builder Designation Goal!
6/22/15 About MBI - Reserve Your Golf and Sporting Clay Teams TODAY!!
6/22/15 Bidding & Project Procurement - Blueprint Reading Courses - Coming Soon
6/22/15 Project Information - iSqFt Webinar Series: Bid Management Solution Enhancements
6/22/15 Education & Professional Development - Protect Your Company From Cyber-Attacks
6/23/15 Environment - EPA and Corps Finalize Scope of Jurisdiction Over Water
6/22/15 Get Involved - New Taskforce Involvement Opportunity!
6/12/15 Government Affairs - Legislature Adjourns for the Year
6/22/15 HR/Labor Relations - Code of Ethical Conduct Created by 2014-2015 MB EYE on the Future Class
6/22/15 Industry Relations - Legislature Adjourns for the Year
6/22/15 Meetings & Events - MBI Construction Camaraderie at its BEST!
6/3/15 Publications - Save 20% on AGC's Construction State Law Matrix
6/3/15 Recognition Programs - Submit Items for Our Member Announcements Page!
6/5/15 Safety - What Can a "Safety Huddle" Do For You?