April 26, 2015

What's New

Did you know that the MBI website changes on a daily basis? MBI staff is committed to providing members with a fresh and up-to-date central hub for information and industry resources. The MBI website features 15 revolving articles that change every other week with new topical information. In the What’s New section, you will be able to see what new articles, events or pages have been added to the MBI website in the past few weeks. Remember, all articles are archived for your reference.

4/17/15 Homepage - Now Accepting Nominations for the 12th Class of MB EYE on the Future
4/17/15 About MBI - Registration is Now Open for the MB EYE on the Future Reunion!
4/17/15 Bidding & Project Procurement - Helps Identify Possible Bid Dates
4/17/15 Project Information - Better Project Results with Better Contracts
4/17/15 Education & Professional Development - Blueprint Reading Essentials - May 5th
4/17/15 Environment - Next Generation: Future Trends in EPA Enforcement
4/17/15 Get Involved - Invitation to Get Involved
4/17/15 Government Affairs - Legislative Focus - School Aid Funding Slows Session to a Crawl
4/17/15 HR/Labor Relations - Upcoming Ethics in Construction Training Opportunity
4/17/15 Industry Relations - Ethics in Construction Seminar
4/17/15 Meetings & Events - Registration is now Open for the MB EYE on the Future Reunion
4/17/15 Publications - AGC of America April Special: Save 20% and Receive Free Shipping on these Books!
4/17/15 Recognition Programs - Mike Carroll Receives the S.I.R. Award
4/22/15 Safety - New WORKSAFE Projects are Springing Up Everywhere!

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