November 29, 2015

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The Master Builders of Iowa is pleased to offer you the Master Builders of Iowa Technology Center, powered by Construction Software Advice, to help you make informed business decisions about your information technology needs.  Construction Software Advice works with small- to medium-sized construction firms to guide them through the process of choosing the software and information technology that's best for their company.

The MBI Technology Center offers a comprehensive directory of industry leading software vendors, as well as white papers and tools that provide advice on selecting, implementing, and tracking the performance of your software investments.

Many contractors are hesitant to adopt new technologies.  However, as the IT industry has matured, software systems have become more stable and easier to implement and use.  It’s now critical to adopt and utilize these systems to stay competitive. Some of the important benefits our members are realizing from adopting IT include:

  Increased accuracy in estimating and quantity take-off
  Increased profitability by keeping better track of financials
  Improved management of projects, employees, and materials
  Improved scheduling efficiency and labor utilization
  More accurate and detailed financial records, in less time  

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The AGC eForums are a collection of electronic discussion groups dedicated to the exchange of information via e-mail on various topics. There are nearly 60 eForums on topics as varied as: human resource practice and policy, technology, safety and health, taxes and fiscal policy, project delivery, the environment and all of the contracting divisions. (Must be an AGC Member)

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