Huddle for Safety

Daily discussions regarding the hazards associated with various construction tasks are one of the best ways to prevent those hazards from injuring anyone. When workers can be reminded about how those hazards can pop up and how to either eliminate the hazards or protect themselves against them they are less likely to be injured. The best way to provide this reminder is to use MBI’s Safety Huddles. There are 40+ different topics that range from aerial lift safety to table saws so no matter what activity will be taken on there is bound to be a Huddle that addresses some hazard that is part of your activity. If you don’t find what you’re looking for contact either Tom or Phil to have one prepared just for you.


Phil Mercuris

Safety Sales & Services Consultant
(515) 657-4391

Tom Suckow

WORKSAFE Program Coordinator
(515) 657-4384