WORKSAFE is 100 Projects Strong

This summer the 100th WORKSAFE project was enrolled. The program started in the fall of 2012 so that means in about 20 months the program reached this milestone. Currently there are about 125 projects enrolled by sixty-one different contractors and we’re at the two-year mark. What lead to this 5/month rate of enrollment? Based on evaluations completed after project close-out it’s the outside-set-of-eyes that the OSHA Consultation and MBI safety professionals have when reviewing activities. During the pre-construction hazard identification meeting and site surveys the safety professionals challenge the construction team to think through the various construction activities so as to identify and control hazards involved with the activity. Companies with their own safety professionals welcome this extra look by an outsider.


Phil Mercuris

Safety Sales & Services Consultant
(515) 657-4391

Tom Suckow

WORKSAFE Program Coordinator
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