Public Recognition Makes Everyone Proud

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for a job well done. It’s even more special when your peers join in. MBI has four chances for members to receive recognition for jobs well done within their safety program.  The first, called the “Outstanding Company Safety Achievement Award”, is given to both a MBI General Contractor and a Specialty Contractor, deemed by a panel of judges, to have made significant improvements to their companies’ efforts to provide a safe place to work for their employees.

Newly implemented recognition programs for safety professionals and a second one for those whose job description doesn’t center on safety but exhibits and champions safety to others were started last year. These are great awards that recognize individual efforts over the course of the year.

Recognizing Excellence in the Construction Industry

The Master Builders of Iowa recognize members' accomplishments through awards programs that highlight excellence in industry initiatives and that represent the tenets of our Association: Skill – Integrity – Responsibility.  Each year, the MBI recognition programs are sought after by the best in the Iowa’s commercial construction industry. The awards and recognition programs celebrate the success of MBI member companies and spotlight individual and company-wide accomplishments.  They are a wonderful way to recognize leaders in the industry as well as award outstanding projects.  The awards are announced at the MBI Annual Convention.

Below are the available MBI recognition programs