Innovation – The World of Construction 2.0

There is no doubt that innovation and modernization has affected every part of our lives, including work, school and play.  The word "innovation" often invokes imagery of tablet computers, holograms and spaceships. Industry leaders such as Google, Facebook and Apple wrestle for superiority in game changing innovations. Why should the construction industry ‐ one of the largest sectors in the world ‐ be the laggards in the conversation of innovation? Innovative concepts give way to organizational best practices daily through powerful individuals, projects teams and business units. Innovations are not high tech flashy gadgets but ground breaking ideas that create efficiency and ultimately make the industry better. Learning points during this presentation will include understanding how organizations stimulate innovative thinking at all levels in their organization, examining the types of innovation and what limits innovative thinking, understanding the role of management and accountability in stimulating or stifling creative and innovative thought, and examining some of the key trends in innovative management theories, technologies and macro‐level trends.

In conjunction with the 2015 Annual Winter Conference, MBI is offering a 2-hour seminar on innovation in the construction industry on February 24th at 2:00 pm at The Meadows Events and Conference Center in Altoona, Iowa. 

Presenting Innovation ‐ The World of Construction 2.0 will be Jeremy Brown, who is a consultant with FMI Corporation in Denver, CO.  Jeremy specializes in the areas of market and growth strategy, business development, change management, and productivity and project management. He is able to tap the breadth and depth of his colleagues as well as leverage his prior experience to tackle the tough issues plaguing clients in this shifting industry.

For more information on the Annual Winter Conference and for the registration form, please download the Winter Conference Brochure.

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