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Contractors across the state are enrolling their projects in WORKSAFE, the safety assistance program developed by Iowa OSHA Consultation and Master Builders of Iowa. More than 100 projects have been enrolled to date by 58 different contractors. So you can see that many of the contractors have enrolled more than one project. They believed in the idea and have experienced the benefits. High profile owners such as the Iowa Board or Regents, Iowa Department of Administrative Services, Grand View University and the City of Des Moines have required the contractor to enroll projects in WORKSAFE.

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For the past 100 years, Master Builders of Iowa has been providing an invaluable service to the construction industry by providing project information across the state. Your Plan Room Network membership provides you with the most comprehensive bidding information service available in the midwest. By utilizing our services, your company will experience more opportunities for growth and will obtain the information necessary to succeed in today's competitive construction industry.

Q: Am I a member of  the Construction Update Plan Room because I am a member of the Master Builders of Iowa? 

A: No. Membership with the Master Builders of Iowa is a separate service and a different membership than the Construction Update Plan Room. If you would like to join both MBI and the Construction Update Plan Room Network, a discount is available.  (Please Note: MBI General Contractor Members are automatically members of the Plan Room and do not have to pay an additional fee for plan room usage.) 
The Construction Update Plan Room Network provides members with bidding information coverage in Iowa, Nebraska, Eastern South Dakota, and Northwest Illinois.  This is Iowa's largest bidding network with over 2,000 firms subscribing.

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Construction Update Project Count
Projects Listed this Week:  122
Projects Listed Same Week Last Year:   101
Total Number of Projects Year To Date 2014:  3170
Total Number of Projects Year To Date 2013 :  2922
Illinois Total Projects:  12
Iowa Total Projects:  72
Misc. States Total Projects:  0
Nebraska Total Projects:  33
South Dakota Total Projects:  5
Wisconsin Total Projects:  0
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