February 23, 2018

What is the Master Builder Designation Program?

The Master Builder Designation is a program that was started by Master Builders of Iowa just prior to the 2012-13 training season.  The notion of the program is to encourage employees of MBI firms to strive for lifelong learning in the construction industry by granting credits for each course or program attended.

Credits are awarded in the areas of Leadership, Project Management, Ecological Construction, Ethics, and Safety with virtually every education program that MBI offers providing credits in one or more of these critical areas.  The Master Builder Designation is earned when an individual reaches 150 credits.

Upon completion of the 150 credits, the individual will be recognized at the next Annual Winter Conference.  In addition, Master Builders of Iowa has worked with artists and designers to create a unique award to denote the significance of this accomplishment that will be presented to recipients at the Annual Winter Conference.

All you have to do is fill out the application form to start tracking your credits for the Master Builder Designation.  If you have any questions, please contact Tom Fulcher at (515) 657-4395 or

CLICK HERE to view the Master Builder Designation brochure

CLICK HERE for the application 

What is Your Emergency? What is Your Plan?

None of us want to start a phone conversation with “911 operator what is your emergency?," but as a police officer for more than 20 years, I’ve been dispatched to many 911 calls that have come in from individuals and companies who are experiencing some type of emergency. Many of the times when I arrived at the scene of one of these emergencies, I found that the people involved were not properly prepared for such an event. In a disaster, local officials and relief workers cannot reach everyone immediately. That’s the reason it is becoming more important for each one of us to prepare ahead of time and have some type of an emergency action plan in place.

Help Students Explore Careers in Construction with

It is no secret that Iowa’s commercial construction industry is rising at a record-setting pace. This has been great for our members, but a rapid expansion in work often equates to a few growing pains, as is the case with our industry’s current workforce shortage.  In response to our members’ consistent demand for growth in our industry’s labor force, MBI has put together a plan to bring awareness to this need, and give our members the necessary tools to recruit the talent they need to move their companies forward.

Two-Thirds of Contractors Have a Hard Time Finding Qualified Craft Workers to Hire Amid Growing Construction Demand, National Survey Finds

Two-thirds of construction firms report they are having a hard time filling hourly craft positions that represent the bulk of the construction workforce, according to the results of an industry-wide survey released today by the Associated General Contractors of America. Association officials said that many firms are changing the way they pay and operate to cope, but warned that labor shortages could undermine broader economic growth and called for new workforce measures to improve the pipeline for recruiting and training new craft workers.

Throw Away the Playbook for 2016 Elections

As you try to decipher what exactly transpired during this past primary season, please know that you are not alone.  Political pundits and the talking heads are having problems explaining what and how it happened and have no precedent from which to draw upon as we near this coming election season.  Even the statehouse candidates aren’t sure what sort of impact the top of the ticket will have on the ballot. 

Celebrate the Construction Industry During Construction Week

During Construction Week, Master Builders of Iowa will be shining the spotlight on exceptional field workers on social media and in our communication pieces.  We are asking our members to submit your exceptional field staff to have the spotlight on them during Construction Week.  We will be posting all submissions sporadically throughout the week on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

Iowa Supreme Court Expands Contractors' Potential Liability for Violation of City Ordinances

By Stephen D. Marso
Whitfield & Eddy Law

On June 24, 2016, the Iowa Supreme Court issued a decision expanding contractors’ potential liability for violation of city ordinances. The case is set in the context of a landlord-tenant personal-injury dispute, but its ruling affects the Iowa construction industry.

Fundraising Time of Year for MBI-PAC

The Master Builders of Iowa works tirelessly to represent the interests of Iowa’s construction industry at the Iowa Capitol as well as the local level (county, city and school).  In this role, MBI’s public affairs program is unique in its unwavering support of Iowa’s construction industry.  Likewise, an integral part of this lobbying effort is the MBI-PAC.  As you know, the MBI-PAC is an important tool to MBI’s public affairs program and complements our constant presence at the Iowa Capitol and at the local level.  We ask today that you join in with your construction colleagues by contributing to the MBI-PAC.


The purpose of Construction Week is to promote community awareness of the construction industry as a safe, exciting and rewarding career option.  It is easy to get involved in promoting Construction Week as a company and individually!  Use resources that we have created to promote Construction Week on social media – we’re all in this together!

Increase Brand Awareness in the Industry by Advertising in the Construction Update Newspaper!

The Construction Update Plan Room Network coverage extends across Iowa, Western Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota and other selected areas of nearby states.   Each week, the Construction Update Newspaper is delivered to over 2,000 general contractors, specialty contractors, suppliers, architects and engineers.  The paper provides project details, bidder’s lists, cost estimates, design team information, bid results, award information and many other specifics related to currently bidding projects. In addition to information on currently bidding projects, our Construction Update newspaper also contains a monthly “Project Leads” section which details over 800 “future projects” that are in various stages of design leading up to the bidding process.

Recent Changes to Sales and Use Taxes - What is the New Rule and Its Impact?

By Cindy Lande and Brian Rickert
Brown Winick Law Firm - Des Moines, Iowa

During the last legislative session, the Iowa Legislature passed, and Governor Branstad signed, House File 2433 into law.  HF 2433 addressed a number of tax-related issues, including certain rules regarding sales tax exemptions for manufacturers.  One of these changes may impact how contractors collect and pay sales tax on large manufacturing facility projects and consumables for those projects.