February 6, 2016

Bulletins & Publications

AGC Bookstore January Special: Save 15% on all Curriculum with promo code Learn15

The AGC Bookstore offers a variety of Curriculum for construction workers such as Supervisor Training Program, Project Management Development Program, Building Infostructure Management and LEAN. All of these curriculum are focused on training future construction workers to lead and develop the most effective construction site possible. Use promotional code Learn15 during the checkout process to save 15% on each of these programs.

AGC Bookstore December Special: Save 25% on all safety Products with promo code SAFE25

The AGC Bookstore offers a variety of safety products for construction. From safety booklets and DVD’s to OSHA regulation manuals, these products will provide a safer worksite for construction. These resources are invaluable for educating supervisors and construction employees alike. These products will provide essential information to keep the worksite safe and hazard free. Save 25% off all safety products with promotional code SAFE25 during checkout.

AGC Bookstore October Special: Save 20% on All Safety Products

The AGC Bookstore has a variety of safety products ranging from basic safety brochures all the way to OSHA regulation books for on-site construction safety. AGC also has several DVD’s designed to help keep constructions workers knowledgeable about their surroundings and how to prevent accidents from happening on the job site. Help your construction workers development a well-rounded knowledge of what it takes to be safe at work with these safety products.

Use Promo Code: Safe20 when you visit the AGC Bookstore website HERE.

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