October 25, 2016

HR / Labor Relations

How Do We Implement a Safety Program?

All employers are required to have a safety and health program, per OSHA standards, that includes documentation, training, and specific company policies in addressing employee safety and health within the workplace. However, when was the last time you reviewed your own company’s program? Better yet, when was the last time anyone at your company reviewed the program? If it’s been some time, there’s a good chance that a lot of what’s in there is outdated and / or remedial.

Spotlighting Exceptional Field Workers During Construction Week

During Construction Week, Master Builders of Iowa will be shining the spotlight on exceptional field workers on social media and in our communication pieces.  We are asking our members to submit your exceptional field staff to have the spotlight on them during Construction Week.  We will be posting all submissions sporadically throughout the week on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

Working Overtime to Understand the New Overtime Final Rule – Members-Only Webinar

The US Department of Labor (DOL) recently published changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulations that are likely to significantly impact millions of workers. In this webinar, Megan Erickson Moritz, employment attorney with a special emphasis on FLSA compliance, will review the updated rules, discuss new employer obligations that go into effect December 1, 2016, outline some practical steps employers can and should take now to prepare for these changes, and provide some considerations to guide internal decisions about potential changes to employee classifications and/or pay and timekeeping practices.

Recent Changes to Sales and Use Taxes - What is the New Rule and Its Impact?

By Cindy Lande and Brian Rickert
Brown Winick Law Firm - Des Moines, Iowa

During the last legislative session, the Iowa Legislature passed, and Governor Branstad signed, House File 2433 into law.  HF 2433 addressed a number of tax-related issues, including certain rules regarding sales tax exemptions for manufacturers.  One of these changes may impact how contractors collect and pay sales tax on large manufacturing facility projects and consumables for those projects. 

Sign Up Now for the Free Members-Only Webinar Presented by Caterpillar Safety Services

Where fear of reprisal exists, safety improvement is doomed. Frontline employees will not engage in safety if they believe their input will lead only to discipline or other negative repercussions. Starting in 2013, five of Caterpillar’s re-manufacturing facilities in Corinth, MS, tackled the “fear factor” that was impeding employee involvement in safety.

Are You Taking Advantage of the Free MBI Training Vault Program?

As a value-added membership service, Master Builders of Iowa offers the MBI Training Vault to MBI member firms at no charge.  The Training Vault is an electronic tool that is designed to make the process of tracking and documenting training records easy, organized, accurate and accessible. Your company-specific Training Vault contains all training conducted by MBI dating back to 1998. This internet-based credential tracking system gives company management, as well as employees, easy access to training records. To reap the maximum benefits of the Training Vault system, you are encouraged to include ALL additional training, past and future, that your employees receive and to include all of your employees.

Within the MBI Training Vault there are two types of users for your company - Administrator and Employee. The Administrator has access to the training records of all of their respective company’s employees.  In addition, the Administrator is able to view and edit all employee records, add company training classes, as well as add and remove employees.  Each MBI member company is assigned one Administrator username and password.  To learn more about the Administrator role and who has been assigned from your company, please contact Tom Fulcher at the contact information below.  Company employees are able to login and view their own personal training records, as well as view and register for upcoming MBI and company provided training. To receive employee login credentials, please contact Aly Schmidt at or (515) 657-4380.

No Time to Wait for Classroom Training?

We have you covered.  Members of MBI are eligible to receive a discount on online education courses available from ClickSafety. Online education is becoming a very popular option for many contractors because it is convenient and less expensive than sending an employee to a classroom education session. All it takes is an internet connection and a desktop, laptop or tablet. There are courses for safety, management, transportation and human resources. The courses can be started and stopped as the student’s time allows. Certificates of completion are also available.

Steve Siemens has 11 Tips for Working with the Millennial Workforce

MBI will be holding a complimentary webinar on May 3rd for MBI members only.  We started with the “traditionalists,” then moved to the “baby boomers,” then introduced the “generation X’ers” and now we have the “millennials.” Each group brought their unique style, unique challenges and rocked the boat in their time.  The boomers and generation X’ers find it challenging to work with, lead and direct the millennials. The millennials find it even more challenging fitting into the molds, traditions and styles of the past. How do you work effectively with these generations?


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