February 8, 2016

Earn Master Builder Designation Credits by Attending Winter Conference Sessions!

The session line-up for the conference is the premier education event for the Iowa construction industry.   The sessions are presented by experts who provide current information on challenges and solutions that are impacting today’s industry.  Multiple programs running concurrently throughout the two day conference allow you the flexibility to create an education experience that meets the specific needs of your company.   The first day of training includes leadership and project management sessions, presented by top-notch speakers from across the nation.  The second day of training is once again dedicated to safety and includes topics that are sure to attract all levels from your company.  ALL of the sessions offered at the conference have Master Builder Designation credits associated with them, so this is a great opportunity to boost your credit numbers! 

What is the Master Builder Designation Program?

The Master Builder Designation is a program that was started by Master Builders of Iowa just prior to the 2012-13 training season.  The notion of the program is to encourage employees of MBI firms to strive for lifelong learning in the construction industry by granting credits for each course or program attended.

Credits are awarded in the areas of Leadership, Project Management, Ecological Construction, Ethics, and Safety with virtually every education program that MBI offers providing credits in one or more of these critical areas.  The Master Builder Designation is earned when an individual reaches 150 credits.

Upon completion of the 150 credits, the individual will be recognized at the next Annual Winter Conference.  In addition, Master Builders of Iowa has worked with artists and designers to create a unique award to denote the significance of this accomplishment that will be presented to recipients at the Annual Winter Conference.

All you have to do is fill out the application form to start tracking your credits for the Master Builder Designation.  If you have any questions, please contact Tom Fulcher at (515) 657-4395 or

CLICK HERE to view the Master Builder Designation brochure

CLICK HERE for the application 

To register for sessions and events at the 2016 Annual Winter Conference, please use the links below.  For questions, please contact Nichole Fry at (515) 657-4386 or

CLICK HERE to download the complete conference brochure.

CLICK HERE to download the conference registration page.

The Real RUDY Will be at the Winter Conference!

Rudy Ruettiger is the keynote speaker for this year’s Masters Awards Luncheon at the Annual Winter Conference. The Rudy movie trailer is sure to get everyone excited to see the legend behind the classic movie!  CLICK HERE to view the Rudy movie trailer!

Against all odds on a gridiron in South Bend, Indiana, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, in twenty-seven seconds, carved his name into history books as perhaps the most famous graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

Don’t Miss the Annual Safety Awards Luncheon

The annual safety awards recognize member firms and their employees for significant achievements in work place safety.  Special guest, Iowa Labor Commissioner, Michael Mauro will be presenting the Annual Outstanding Company Safety Achievement Awards to a general contractor and specialty contractor, as well as the Safety Professional and Safety Champion Awards to two deserving individuals. Attend the Safety Awards Luncheon with colleagues and peers to celebrate safety excellence in the construction industry.

Masters Awards Luncheon

The Masters Award recognizes the exceptional efforts of a construction team in executing the process of completing a project.  This award is meant to recognize the role of the constructor. The Masters Award was created to bring a sharper focus to the high degree of professionalism and skill in our industry.  The Masters Award is presented in three different categories: $1 Million - $5 Million, $5 Million to $10 Million and Over $10 Million. 

Join Us For a Celebration Honoring Scott Norvell

MBI will be hosting a celebration in honor of Scott Norvell’s 32 years of dedicated service to the Iowa construction industry at this year’s Annual Winter Conference.  We hope that you and others from your company can join us on Monday, February 22nd from 5:00 – 9:00 pm at Prairie Meadows in Altoona, Iowa.  If you would like to sign up to attend, please contact Nichole Fry at   

House Subcommittees Focus on Extending Sunset on Sales Tax for School Infrastructure

Legislative Focus
February 5, 2016
Volume XV, Edition 4

Nothing is simple at the Iowa Capitol.  MBI and a host of other groups are looking to extend the sunset for the 1/6th sales tax assessment devoted to school infrastructure and property tax relief.  The sunset is 2029 and we are asking to push it back 20 years so that future school projects can utilize this fund for debt service to its fullest extent.  If nothing is done this year, then that just means a 20 year bond can only be financed with the sales tax revenue for 13 years and the rest is covered by local property taxes.

Charles Vander Kooi to Present Two Great Project Management Sessions at Winter Conference

MBI contracted with Charles Vander Kooi to present two sessions on the first day of the conference that are focused on project management. Charles has made an impact on audiences across the globe by coupling his true-life experiences as a professional estimator and contractor with stand-up comedy and a little fire and brimstone. He has presented over 1,400 seminars has been involved in the construction industry for over 36 years, 15 as an upper-management employee, and 21 as a consultant and professional speaker. Here are the two sessions that will be offered at the Winter Conference:

Increase Your Company’s Profitability – Attend Ron Black’s Sessions at the Annual Winter Conference

Increasing profitability is one of the most important tasks of a business manager and we constantly look for ways to change the business to improve profitability.  Ron Black’s sessions focus on how to increase your profitability by the actions you take with a client before and during construction.

Plan to Attend the Annual Construction Industry Reception

While at the conference, be sure to stop and meet with vendors that are displaying their products and services.  Visiting with these industry professionals is a great way to build upon your current relationships and to learn about new and innovative products on the market.  An excellent networking opportunity for construction professionals to enjoy complimentary food and beverages is the Annual Construction Industry Reception. 

House’s Version of School Aid Funding Passes on Party Line Votes

Legislative Focus
January 29, 2016
Volume XV, Edition 3

The House and Senate traded punches this week on school aid funding.  The House Republicans passed bills that offer a 2 percent allowable growth proposal for K-12 funding. (This equates to an $81 million increase over last year.)  The bills then went over to the Senate, who in turned refused to concur with the House amendment (via party-line vote).  The Senate Democrats previously passed the bills with a 4 percent allowable growth number.  The bills will now go to conference committee to hopefully hash out a compromise. 

New Learning Opportunity with

The New Year is a great time to think about improving the productivity and organization of your business. When it comes to improving in the area of construction project information, the Construction Update Network has you covered!

The CU Network has several ways to enhance this process but our newest tool is the free online bid date calendar, This is a website designed to assist you in identifying, and avoiding, heavy bid days.

Smash the Box and Improve Your Team’s Culture, Morale, Productivity and Retention

The Annual Winter Conference is a great way to expose your workforce to new ideas and best practices during two full days of thought-provoking educational sessions. The session line-up for the conference is the premier education event for the Iowa construction industry. Multiple programs running concurrently throughout the two day conference allow you the flexibility to create an education experience that meets the specific needs of your company. The first day of training includes leadership and project management sessions and the second day of training is dedicated to safety and includes topics that are sure to attract all levels from your company.