November 29, 2015

Stay Informed this Legislative Session - Get on our Lists!

Do you find yourself too busy to keep up with what is happening in the Iowa Legislature?  Well have no fear, MBI is here to keep you up-to-date on everything that develops throughout the upcoming session.  MBI’s President, Chad Kleppe, will provide members his insights on what is going on at the Capitol, as well as helping to keep members informed on construction-related issues via the communications below.  MBI members are able to sign up to keep abreast of all happenings at the Capitol.  Here is what we have available:

Free Webinar - Eight Do's and Don'ts of Performance Reviews and Goal Setting

How do your employees react to the topics of performance reviews and goal setting? If the answers are “What’s that?” or “Ugh!” you probably have some opportunities to improve your processes. But why should you even bother with performance management? Bersin by Deloitte reports that actionable development plans result in twice the revenue per employee and a 27% lower turnover rate so the business benefit is clear.

MBI is a Toys for Tots Drop-Off Location!

MBI is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Toys for Tots Campaign in Des Moines!  We are asking everyone to bring in new, unwrapped toys to our office to show how much the commercial construction industry cares about those less fortunate this holiday season.  We will be accepting toy donations until December 16th, at which time we will be delivering all donations to the Toys for Tots warehouse in Des Moines.  We encourage our members to consider contributing to this great cause!

High Performing Leadership Series for Project Managers and Project Supervisors – January 2016

Designed for the project team, this leadership series has received great reviews in its first two years and we anticipate attendance to continue to increase in its third year.  The program is set in an environment designed to focus on leadership and teamwork between two critical positions within a construction team.  It combines the experiences and knowledge of project managers, project supervisors, and presenters, focusing on team building workshops to address common construction roadblocks to effectiveness.  This is a great opportunity for members of your project team to take their skills

Order Your RS Means' at a Discount!

The Construction Update Network is currently in our 26th year as a retail outlet for the RS Means annual cost data publications.  RS Means books and CD-ROM’s are the most widely used cost data and estimating programs in the entire country and are relied upon by hundreds of thousands of construction companies.  The Construction Update Network is excited to announce that there is a 15% discount off of all RS Means retail prices!

Final Opportunity for Round 2 of Complimentary iSqFt Training

The CUonline Electronic Plan Room Network, powered by iSqFt, has been providing companies with access to public bidding information including plans, specs and addenda information since 2001. Subscribers are able to garner this information anywhere an internet connection is available -- 24 hours a day --7 days a week. To assure that subscribers are up to speed with the latest and greatest features of the system, iSqFt is providing a complimentary workshop that will address Advanced Search and Managing Project functions.

Tell Us What YOU Want to Receive from MBI

Did you know that MBI members are able to update their complete profile from the MBI website?  The information that you will find listed on your profile when you log in is what we have listed in our database.  A great benefit of being able to correct and edit your complete profile online is to customize the way in which the MBI office communicates to you.  You are able to identify if you would like to receive correspondence based on specified categories (i.e.

AGC Helps Deliver Needed Affordable Care Act Reform

New Measure Ends Requirement for Firms to Automatically Enroll Employees

This week, President Obama signed into law a bipartisan budget package that included AGC of America-backed legislation to eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) mandatory automatic enrollment provision.  The mandatory automatic enrollment provision would have required employers with more than 200 full-time employees to automatically enroll employees into coverage if an employee did not voluntarily chose or decline a plan.

Meet the Cornerstone Academy Class of 2016!

This is only the second year for our newest leadership program and it sold out at 25 participants!  The 2015-16 Cornerstone Academy program is introducing attendees to several facets of the commercial construction industry.  They will be covering such topics as insurance and risk management, finances and taxes, recruiting and talent management, labor relations, safety, construction law and public affairs, human relations, ethical practices and other pertinent industry-based information.

EPA Finalizes Nationwide Electronic Reporting Rule for Stormwater Permits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized a nationwide rule that will require construction site operators to submit certain National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permit documentation to their permitting authorities using an electronic reporting tool, instead of filing paper.  The new rule requires states to share these data with EPA, along with government-administered inspection and enforcement results.

Have You Talked to Your Agent About the MBI/UFG Program?

The United Fire Group and MBI partnership is an exclusive insurance opportunity that rewards members for safe construction.  This exclusive insurance program offers UFG's best-in-class services, including the ability to meet complex certificate-holder requirements, along with access to comprehensive loss control services and UFG's industry-leading surety bonds department. Members insured within this program will be eligible to earn a safety dividend for their property and casualty lines of insurance (excluding workers compensation). 

Learn More About the MBI/UFG Partnership via a Webinar on November 17th

Master Builders of Iowa and United Fire Group have partnered together to bring MBI members an exclusive insurance program that will reward members for safe construction. The time and dedication business owners put into ensuring the safety of their operations deserves recognition. This exclusive insurance program offers UFG’s best-in-class services, including a comprehensive loss control program, the ability to meet complex certificate holder requirements, and the opportunity for members to receive a safety dividend.

Save on Workers' Compensation Premiums with Midwest Builders' Casualty

Workers’ compensation insurance is required for all Iowa employers. Without it, some businesses would suffer because the costs of medical care have risen and are continuing to do so. Insurance companies pay close attention to these rising medical costs. When the costs they pay out exceeds what they charge in premiums, they find ways to maintain their profits. One way they do this is by raising the premiums for every customer.

Why Should Our Company Have a Written Code of Ethical Conduct?

The primary purpose of a code of ethical conduct is to provide an organization with a clear benchmark for ethical behavior.  A formal, well-communicated code of ethics can help to protect a company's reputation and legal standing in the event of an unethical action by an individual employee.  Last year’s MB EYE on the Future class undertook a project that focused on the issues surrounding ethical conduct in the construction industry.