September 1, 2015

Safety Data Sheet Management

When OSHA revised the Hazard Communication Standard in 2012, chemical manufacturers had until June 1, 2015 to change their safety data sheets so they would comply with the 16-section format. With the implementation of the new Haz-Com standard, the title “Material Safety Data Sheets” was changed to “Safety Data Sheets” (SDS). The 16-section format standardizes how information is presented to the reader. Each manufacturer is now required to put information in a certain order.

MBI Member Appreciation Luncheon Meetings - Your Dues Investment Working for You!

With the influence of the Strategic Plan, MBI has developed an “on-the-road” curriculum covering essential issues, challenges and solutions for MBI members.  The value for the “guaranteed one hour, complimentary lunch, and open member registration” is proving to be a very effective way to educate members about important industry issues, along with how MBI can be an essential resource for member companies.

Bring your company team, enjoy a complimentary lunch, and network with your local peers while listening to informative presentations that affect your company business.

Nominate or Participate in the MBI Awards Program Initiatives

A great and rewarding way to get involved is to nominate or participate in the many recognition programs that the MBI has to offer.  Every year at our annual Winter Conference MBI members are recognized in front of their peers for their excellence in industry excellence.  The following award and recognition programs celebrate the success of MBI member companies and spotlight individual and company-wide accomplishments. 

Master Builders of Iowa Launches the New MBI Training Vault!

Master Builders of Iowa is pleased to announce the launch of the new MBI Training Vault to the membership.  This new product is a value-added membership service, which can only be accessed by MBI members.  Currently, the company-specific Training Vault has been updated to contain all past training conducted by MBI dating back to 1998.  This internet-based credential tracking system will give company management, as well as employees, easy access to training records.

Updates to the New Iowa Energy Code - Webinar

The Iowa State Energy Code that was passed on March 12, 2014 and went into effect on June 1, 2014 applies to all commercial construction whether new construction or work on existing buildings.  The requirements also apply to all new construction of one and two family residences in the state but not to renovation or remodeling of these structures.  On September 22nd, MBI is hosting a webinar titled Updates to the New Iowa Energy Code where we will review the new energy code, how it compares to ASHRAE 90.1 as well as how the Iowa code parallels other states.  Join our guest

Speed Up Your Project Information Process

In today’s marketplace, it would be almost futile to attempt to find a portion of the business world that has not been changed drastically with the growth of cyberspace; shopping, banking, communication, entertainment – each of these industries have been affected by the technological advancements of the last couple of decades.

The construction industry is no exception to these changes. For example, the advantage of acquiring your project information digitally is overwhelming.

Construction Spending in June Grows at Fastest Rate Since 2006, As All Major Segments Post Year-Over-Year Gains; Worker Shortages May Derail Growth

Construction spending in June recorded the highest year-over-year growth rate since 2006, according to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America. Association officials cautioned, however, that those spending gains could be at risk unless all levels of government strengthen programs to develop the construction workforce.

OSHA'S Confined Space Rules

On May 1, 2015, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule to increase protections for construction workers in confined spaces.  This new rule went into effect on August 3, 2015.

Manholes, crawl spaces, tanks and other confined spaces are not intended for continuous occupancy. They are also difficult to exit in an emergency. People working in confined spaces face life-threatening hazards including toxic substances, electrocutions, explosions and asphyxiation.

How to Use a ConsensusDocs Subcontract Agreement When Forced to Sign an AIA Contract with an Owner

"If I am forced to sign an American Institute of Architect (AIA) contract for my prime agreement with the Owner, how can I use a ConsensusDocs subcontract agreement without exposing myself unduly to liability gaps in flow-down provisions caused by two different families of agreements?"

Control Your Workers' Compensation Costs With Competitive Quotes

Workers’ compensation insurance is one of the most expensive costs there is for construction companies. One of the ways to control these costs is to get competitive quotes when the policy is about to expire. Many insurance companies like to bundle several policies together when they provide quotes, thinking that this is more price efficient for the contractor. It may not be, so it’s wise to get quotes from an insurer who only sells workers’ compensation policies. MBI has partnered with Midwest Builders’ Casualty so members can easily get that competitive quote.

Shoot Birdies of a Different Sort – Sign up today for the Sporting Clay Builders’ Classic

The 3rdAnnual MBI-PAC Sporting Clay Builders’ Classic will continue on the great MBI tradition of bringing together industry colleagues for a day of construction camaraderie.   Also, the Sporting Clay Builders’ Classic will be for the benefit of the MBI-PAC and our continued efforts to support pro-business, pro-construction policymakers.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Take Construction Leaders to Dinner!

The Master Builders of Iowa hosts four different leadership courses each year -- MB EYE on the Future, The Leadership Experience, Leadership Series for Project Managers & Project Supervisors and Cornerstone Academy. All of these leadership classes meet in cities across the state for a two-day period and each of their sessions include a social/dinner on the first evening of the session. Sponsoring this dinner is a great networking opportunity to get one-on-one time with the future leaders of the construction industry.

Have You Talked to Your Agent About the MBI/UFG Program?

The United Fire Group and MBI partnership is an exclusive insurance opportunity that rewards members for safe construction.  This exclusive insurance program offers UFG's best-in-class services, including the ability to meet complex certificate-holder requirements, along with access to comprehensive loss control services and UFG's industry-leading surety bonds department. Members insured within this program will be eligible to earn a safety dividend for their property and casualty lines of insurance (excluding workers compensation).