June 2, 2015

House Adds Reduction to Statute of Repose Language to Standings Appropriations

Legislative Focus
May 22, 2015
Volume XIV, Edition 19

We are back in the ball game!!!!

On Wednesday night, the Iowa House of Representatives amended Senate File 510 (Standings Appropriations) to add language that would reduce Iowa’s statute of repose on non-residential construction from 15 years to 10 years.  The amendment is essentially the same language in House File 194 that was earlier passed by the Iowa House, but never brought up for consideration in the Iowa Senate.  Well – we have another chance to make an impact on the Iowa Senate!!

Does Your Team Need Specific Training and Need It Soon? Contact MBI for Training-on-Demand!

In addition to the training programs outlined in MBI’s annual learning planner, we offer training programs based on the requests of one, or several member firms.  Training-on-Demand courses can be planned to fit the schedule of your company and can be offered either as a private in-house program, or a public course open to other MBI members.  Training-on-Demand has become a popular alternative to the traditional training schedules used throughout the industry.  Below is a list of training topics that we have held through this format.  The list is endless, so contact us today to set up train

How to Prepare for New "Quickie Election" Rule Covered at AGC Convention

Contractors concerned about enhanced opportunities for union organizing under new regulations can take steps now to be prepared, explained attorney Rick Samson of Ogletree Deakins at AGC of America’s Annual Convention in San Juan, PR. Samson spoke at a session titled “Understanding and Preparing for New Union Representation Procedures” hosted by the Open Shop Committee and Chairman Bob Lanham.

Registration is Now Open for the MB EYE on the Future Reunion

The highly anticipated MB EYE on the Future reunion is scheduled for June 18-19th in Riverside, Iowa at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort. In addition to many networking events, the two-day reunion will include an educational program presented by Tom Emison of Eide Bailly, who is also the facilitator for MBI’s The Leadership Experience. Registration materials have been distributed to the past graduates. This event will be a great opportunity for attendees to network with current and future leaders of our industry. For more information, please contact Tania Bowman at (515) 657-4390 or


Legislature Moves On with No Definite End in sight

Legislative Focus
May 15, 2015
Volume XIV, Edition 18

The House and Senate put some decent work in this week to get to a point in which nearly every appropriations bill had been assign a conference committee.  The only bill yet to be assigned to a conference committee is the Standings Appropriations bill – SF 510, which passed the Senate on Thursday and will be brought up for consideration in the House Appropriations Committee.  There, the bill will be completely amended; sent to the House floor; passed on a party-line vote; sent back over to the Senate, where the Democratic majority will refuse to concur with the House Republicans and will eventually succumb to the same fate as all other spending bills by getting assigned to a Conference Committee.  Then the real negotiations start.

MBI Members Have Leading Construction Consultants at Their Fingertips!

Over the years, our members have consistently recognized the value provided by the association and our ranks have remained strong and viable.  MBI is the recognized leader of the construction industry in the State of Iowa. Founded in 1912, MBI is one of over 100 chapters of the Associated General Contractors of America, the most influential and widely respected construction association in the country. MBI's members perform the majority of the state's commercial, industrial and public works building projects.

Take Advantage of the Discounts Available to MBI Members!

MBI members are able to take advantage of a variety of discounts available exclusively through the Associated General Contractors of America. AGC’s Membership Discount Programs provide members access to high-quality services, cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line products. From discounts on vehicles to computers and software, AGC has partnered with some of the best to give you the most for your money and improve your daily business operations.

OSHA 30 Hour Course - Coming Soon

In response to member requests, Master Builders of Iowa is conducting the OSHA 30-Hour course in Des Moines June 2 – 5.  This course is a must for anyone responsible for the safety and health of their employees. Many owners, construction managers and general contractors require trained safety representatives with the OSHA 30 Hour card on jobsites.

Budget Difference Between House and Senate Budgets Sits at $166 Million

Legislative Focus
May 8, 2015
Volume XIV, Edition 17

Last week was the anticipated final week of the session.  In reality, this legislative session is continuing on past the allotted time parameters.  (If you recall, legislators are allowed per diem for 110 calendar days – ending on May 1 – for the first session of the General Assembly.  With per diem running out, all costs incurred – travel, room and board, food, etc. – will be coming out of the legislator’s own pocket.)  To their credit, the Legislature has put in a number of late night sessions pushing through their chamber’s respective budget bills.

Who is Responsible for Recognizing and Correcting Jobsite Hazards?

It goes without saying that individuals are responsible for their own safety while working on a construction project.  However, a team of employees only looking out for themselves is risky business in the world of commercial construction.  Who is responsible to assure that the various activities on a project are being conducted safely? Who makes sure that the entire project is safe all day, every day?

To assist construction companies in answering some of these difficult questions, MBI is offering an OSHA 30 Hour Construction Course in Des Moines, scheduled for June 2nd - 5th.  This is an excellent opportunity for construction companies to upgrade the safety knowledge of their workforce by having one or multiple employees trained to identify jobsite hazards.  This course is specifically designed for anyone who has the overall safety responsibility for their company, or on a jobsite.  The course will provide in-depth instruction on the OSHA Construction Rules, as well as the opportunity to learn how cohorts handle challenging situations. There will also be a discussion on how to change employee behavior and how to maximize your safety budget.  Please see the course brochure for a complete listing of topics that will be covered.

To register online for the 30 Hour OSHA Construction Course, CLICK HERE.

To view the course brochure, CLICK HERE.

Looking for a Tool to Help Communicate Environmental Requirements to Your Subcontractors? Check Out AGC’s EMS Toolkit

Imagine having all your environmental compliance and sustainability information in one place, easily accessible and customizable for the unique needs of each project.  Now consider how such a tool would make it easier for you to share relevant information with the subcontractors working on your project.  Environmental programs and management systems are the super-tools that can help make this possible.  AGC’s free guides will get you started.

Environmental professionals within many different industries use these types of programs and management systems to organize and manage legal requirements as well as sustainability goals.  AGC walks you through the steps with online resources for developing a construction-specific environmental program or an environmental management system (EMS) --- supporting environmental compliance and the achievement of environmental or sustainability goals.

Get started developing your company’s program by using the free AGC guides, links to government and other resources and case studies available on AGC’s EMS Toolkit.  AGC members helped develop these guides, so that they better address the attributes of a construction firm versus, for example, a manufacturing facility.  The first guide is a short, reader-friendly overview of developing an environmental program with tips demonstrating three levels of complexity depending on what would best suit an individual company: the Environmental Program Guide.  The second guide is an in-depth resource that gives instruction on developing a comprehensive environmental management system (EMS): the AGC EMS Guide.

AGC hopes you will find the EMS Toolkit a helpful resource; and AGC will continue to develop the resources provided.

If you have any questions, please contact AGC’s Melinda Tomaino at or (703) 837-5415.


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