May 30, 2016

Get Involved

The simple act of sponsoring an event is a way to create competitor differentiation.  Attendees often perceive sponsorship in a positive way because they see the sponsoring company as making a greater effort to support the event and industry as a whole.  MBI offers many sponsorship opportunities throughout the year, and we strive to create competitive and valuable sponsorship packages for participating companies.  MBI is very appreciative of our sponsors and we work to ensure value from each dollar invested. 

MBI offers members numerous opportunities to get involved in the Association, both on a company level and an individual level. While it’s not required, members who are involved tend to get the most from their membership, including:

  • Vast networking opportunities with all types of construction professionals.
  • Business building skills for all levels of employees, including CEOs.
  • Forums for getting their voice heard.

Members who get involved stay involved.

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