January 18, 2017

Industry Relations

In this interactive seminar, attorneys from the Whitfeld and Eddy Law firm will address some of the key components of construction arbitration. Dialogue will take place around the advantages of arbitration versus traditional court litigations, as well as the disadvantages. We will dive into how you should determine if arbitration is the best course in the event of a dispute. Finally, attendees will learn of the process that takes place when the time comes for an arbitrator to be chosen.

The Master Builders of Iowa’s Articles of Incorporation state in part that the purpose of the Association is “to promote and establish fair dealings and equitable relations between contractors engaged in building construction and between owners, engineers, architects, subcontractors, labor and the general public”.  For many years the Industry relations activities of the Association were facilitated through an Industry Relations Committee comprised of Regular and Associate members.  In 2004, the Industry Relations Committee gave way two new and distinct groups that carry on much of the industry relations activities for the Association.  

Industry relations continue to be a top priority of the Association and the Association is always looking for new and different ways to work with a variety of industry groups to advance the vision and mission of the Association.  MBI representatives do an excellent of representing the contractor’s point of view on issues that can have an impact on profitability and fair dealings between MBI members, owners and design professionals.

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