Train Your Workforce in Just Two Days!

Commercial construction companies are constantly looking for ways to get more training to more people in their workforce... MBI has the solution!  The 2015 MBI Annual Winter Conference will be held February 23 - 25 at The Meadows Events and Conference Center in Altoona, Iowa.  This conference will offer many topics including safety training for employees, leadership training for management teams and a day long seminar for safety leaders and company executives.  Companies are encouraged to register as many members of your workforce as possible, and to take advantage of over 10 hours of leadership related training and over 45 hours of safety related training.  In addition, attendees will have full access to exhibiting vendors and suppliers displaying the latest and greatest products an this year's Annual Winter Conference.  Please view the full brochure for more details and registration information.

HR / Labor Relations

Dealing with workforce issues such as complex state and federal employment regulations, labor relations, wage negotiations, affirmative action policies and employment discrimination is often the biggest headache for a company. MBI employs two labor relations specialists who provide members with a full range of services to assist them in dealing with workforce issues, including the following:

  • Collective Bargaining - MBI assists in preparation for and execution of the collective bargaining process for its signatory collective bargaining members.
  • Union Relations - As well as negotiating contracts, MBI's staff coordinates and interprets labor agreements, monitors Taft Hartley fringe benefits funds, provides arbitration services, and assists member companies in dealing with grievances and other disputes and the unions. MBI can also offer assistance with picketing and other organized labor activities.
  • Open Shop - MBI's staff provides a full range of services for members employing open shop labor, including providing advice and counsel on prevailing wage / Davis-Bacon Act issues, union organizing, salting, negotiations, affirmative action issues, equal employment opportunity and discrimination issues, grievances and disputes and employment policy. MBI also sponsors alcohol and drug abuse testing programs, and closely monitors both state and local legislative, regulatory and litigious activity to ensure the interests of the construction industry are not compromised.



Leon Shearer

Labor Counsel
(515) 480-3334

Chad Kleppe

(515) 657-4382