AGC Comments on EPA's Scenario-Specific Approach to Identifying Lead Hazards in Buildings

AGC recently commented on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed “Framework” for identifying, evaluating, and regulating lead-based paint (LBP) hazards from renovation, repair and painting activities in public and commercial (P&C) buildings. This proposed framework relies on a scenario-specific approach for determining when such renovations create adverse health impacts. EPA is also currently looking for scientific experts to peer review its draft “Technical Document,” which will outline the results of the modeled renovation scenarios, including the data sources and incremental health effects associated with any lead exposure. AGC continues to press EPA to document a problem and all potential costs before taking any action to expand the controversial Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule.

Government Affairs

Here you will find information pertaining to the public affairs efforts of MBI. A majority of our Government Affairs agenda consists of lobbying efforts. However, you will see that other components consist of coalition efforts, communications and our political action committee (i.e. MBI-PAC). MBI is seen as one of the premiere business associations in the state. This is made evident not only from MBI's presence at the State Capitol, but also at the county, city, and local levels. MBI's government affairs program is focused on an agenda that is pro-business and pro-construction. Our efforts advocate the prudent use of taxpayers' dollars in the procurement of public projects, as well as, maintaining the integrity of the construction industry as a vital role in commerce. MBI's Lobbying Team consists of Scott Norvell and Chad Kleppe. These two individuals ensure that MBI has a full time presence at the Iowa Capitol, as well as an ever increasing presence at local governmental levels. 

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