January 18, 2017

Government Affairs

Legislative Focus
January 13, 2017

Volume XVI, Edition 1

After years of chasing the elusive trifecta, the Republicans now have it.  Voters put Republicans in charge of the House (59 to 41); the Senate (29-20-1) and the Governor’s office.  Now the challenge is to lead and govern.  With this being my 21st session, I have found that the trifecta is elusive, but once achieved, can be fleeting.  The Republicans will need to focus on growth and manage the expectations of numerous groups who have supported their efforts over the years.  The old adage of “dance with the one who brought you” applies here as the Republicans will be dancing with a bunch of partners these next few months. 

Here you will find information pertaining to the public affairs efforts of MBI. A majority of our Government Affairs agenda consists of lobbying efforts. However, you will see that other components consist of coalition efforts, communications and our political action committee (i.e. MBI-PAC). MBI is seen as one of the premiere business associations in the state. This is made evident not only from MBI's presence at the State Capitol, but also at the county, city, and local levels. MBI's government affairs program is focused on an agenda that is pro-business and pro-construction. Our efforts advocate the prudent use of taxpayers' dollars in the procurement of public projects, as well as, maintaining the integrity of the construction industry as a vital role in commerce. MBI's Lobbying Team is led by Chad Kleppe, who has been heading up MBI’s public affairs efforts for over 15 years.  Also, MBI recently added Julie A. Smith to complement our overall strategy at the Capitol. These two individuals ensure that MBI has a full time presence at the Iowa Capitol, as well as an ever increasing presence at local governmental levels. 

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