School Aid Funding Slows Session to a Crawl

Legislative Focus
April 17, 2015
Volume XIV, Edition 14

The fact that 8 senators were absent from debate yesterday (Thursday) is an indication of the mood currently at the Capitol.  The stalemate on allowable growth for schools is taking its toll on legislators as it looks more and more likely that this session will go well beyond its customary time frames.  The 110th day of the session – scheduled adjournment - is May 1, which is also the time in which per diem runs out and legislators have to start paying their own expenses.  This is usually a good incentive for legislators to get their work done.  However, this session is starting to look a lot like the 2011 session in which the legislature finally approved a budget on the last day of the fiscal year (June 30, 2011).  Not much has changed from that time, so the veteran rank and file members kind of know what to expect here in the coming weeks.

The Senate Democrats this week fired the first shot across the budget bow with their move to establish a budget target that is exactly the same as what was in the Governor’s FY 2016 budget recommendation.  Granted, the various allocations differ widely, but the overall spending is at the same level. 

However, the Governor’s budget was issued on the second day of the session back in January.  Since then, the Revenue Estimating Committee has come forth with its March revenue estimates which scaled back available revenues. 

As I mentioned last week, there is a disparity between the House Republicans and the Senate Democrats in how available / new revenues levels are set and conversely, how those funding targets will be established.

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