GC Private Construction Office powered by iSqFt (MBIonline)

The MBIonline Private Construction Office powered by iSqFt is another tool that MBI general contractors are rapidly adopting as an indispensable part of their everyday efforts for managing their preconstruction process and winning more work. The MBIonline Private Construction Office is a comprehensive bid management tool and electronic bid document distribution system.  The Private Construction Office is a powerful tool designed to help general contractors become more efficient, more competitive, and in total control throughout the preconstruction process.  The Private Construction Office gives contractors the power to minimize the inefficiencies that exist in the estimating and bidding process phase of the project life cycle, and deliver real, hard dollar cost reductions.

These efficiencies and savings recognized through the use of the MBIonline Private Construction Office are another essential resource the Master Builders of Iowa is offering to its general contractor membership.

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The Power of the Private Construction Office
Expand your list of bidders - Locate new subcontractors, material suppliers and other vendors in any market throughout the iSqFt network through our public vendor database. Instantly send an Invitation to Bid - giving the firm you select the ability to instantly view that project's Construction Office and free access to a complete set of plans, specs and the most current addenda.

Through MBI’s network consisting of the Construction Update Online Internet Plan Room (link to the CUonline page) and the MBIonline Private Construction Office, general contractors gain the ability to post project plans, specs, and addenda and get bids from a wider, more qualified pool of subcontractors and suppliers.

Get more bids on bid day
No matter the type of project, you're certain to get more qualified bidders - and more competitive bids too. As the only application on the market today that is also independently used by subs and suppliers, field requests from network vendors that want to work with you on your projects. Draw on the public database of vendors – giving you not only more bids, but more competitive bids. You still have the power to determine on a case-by-case basis who you want to give access to - leaving you in complete control.

Update and Track your project
As addenda are created on a project, an automatic email and/or fax notification is sent to all subcontractors or subscribers affected by the change. Communication tools such as this, and the bulk mail tool, make it easy to share information electronically - ensuring that everyone receives the information on a timely basis. Track bidder receipt and response to Invitations to Bid and other correspondence. You can even determine which vendors have viewed specific documents within your Private Construction Office with a click of your mouse.

Work with hassle-free file formats
Whether uploaded, downloaded, or scanned, files on iSqFt are secure and highly compressed - making them easy to read, print and use.

Cut printing and distribution costs
Save time and money with online access to plans, specs, and addenda. View them online. Download them to your computer. Print them on your own desktop printer, or to scale on a large format plotter in your office. Subs have the ability to output only the pages they need. The cost savings that our customers have reported from reduced printing and distribution is measured in thousands.

Reduce your IT costs
The Private Construction Office hosts your project data on our highly secure servers. We handle implementation as well so your own IT staff isn't required to install, run, back-up, or do anything else to support your Private Construction Office. Maintenance and regular upgrades don't incur any additional costs either.

Take this opportunity to view an audio visual demonstration about iSqFt and the Private Construction Office, and see the benefits for yourself.  
What  does the Private Construction Office do for General Contractors? 
To find out more about the MBIonline Private Construction Office and the difference it can make for your business please contact Mona Dvorak at 515.288.8904 or mdvorak@isqft.com.