Looking for a Tool to Help Communicate Environmental Requirements to Your Subcontractors? Check Out AGC’s EMS Toolkit

Imagine having all your environmental compliance and sustainability information in one place, easily accessible and customizable for the unique needs of each project.  Now consider how such a tool would make it easier for you to share relevant information with the subcontractors working on your project.  Environmental programs and management systems are the super-tools that can help make this possible.  AGC of America’s free guides will get you started.


MBI members would agree that compliance with environmental regulations can be very costly, while falling out of compliance can be even more expensive.  Therefore, MBI works to educate members on environmental regulatory issues and continues to advocate at the state and local levels for common-sense environmental laws and ordinances. 

MBI works to reach common ground in which environmental regulations and business can co-exist.  The construction industry agrees that over-burdensome regulatory authority stymies growth opportunities and hinders the development of creative measures that will foster sustainable construction.

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Director of Public Affairs
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