August 4, 2015

The Contractors Environmental Conference (CEC) is the nation’s foremost management conference for environmental professionals in the construction industry.  Join them on September 2-3, in Arlington, Va. to explore ways to turn environmental responsibilities into successes for you and your firm.  Whether your goal is an excellent compliance record or setting your company apart as a green contractor, AGC’s CEC is the conference for you.

Creating the Right Environment for You:


MBI members would agree that compliance with environmental regulations can be very costly, while falling out of compliance can be even more expensive.  Therefore, MBI works to educate members on environmental regulatory issues and continues to advocate at the state and local levels for common-sense environmental laws and ordinances. 

MBI works to reach common ground in which environmental regulations and business can co-exist.  The construction industry agrees that over-burdensome regulatory authority stymies growth opportunities and hinders the development of creative measures that will foster sustainable construction.

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