November 25, 2015

Education & Professional Development

Designed for the project team, this leadership series has received great reviews in its first two years and we anticipate attendance to continue to increase in its third year.  The program is set in an environment designed to focus on leadership and teamwork between two critical positions within a construction team.  It combines the experiences and knowledge of project managers, project supervisors, and presenters, focusing on team building workshops to address common construction roadblocks to effectiveness.  This is a great opportunity for members of your project team to take their skills

In the competitive construction industry, it pays in loyalty and quality to invest in training and professional development. Years of experience and on-the-job training can provide crucial knowledge to perform tasks at hand, but the best professionals constantly seek to learn about new technologies and techniques to improve their performance on site and in the office.

MBI's mission is to be the essential resource for improving member performance and promoting a business environment favorable to the construction industry and continued learning opportunities are a critical component of MBI's mission to provide value to its members. We encourage you to spend a little time on the educational offerings page to view some of the wide range of educational, professional development, and training opportunities that MBI offers.