February 8, 2016

Education & Professional Development

The session line-up for the conference is the premier education event for the Iowa construction industry.   The sessions are presented by experts who provide current information on challenges and solutions that are impacting today’s industry.  Multiple programs running concurrently throughout the two day conference allow you the flexibility to create an education experience that meets the specific needs of your company.   The first day of training includes leadership and project management sessions, presented by top-notch speakers from across the nation.  The second day of training is once again dedicated to safety and includes topics that are sure to attract all levels from your company.  ALL of the sessions offered at the conference have Master Builder Designation credits associated with them, so this is a great opportunity to boost your credit numbers! 

What is the Master Builder Designation Program?

The Master Builder Designation is a program that was started by Master Builders of Iowa just prior to the 2012-13 training season.  The notion of the program is to encourage employees of MBI firms to strive for lifelong learning in the construction industry by granting credits for each course or program attended.

Credits are awarded in the areas of Leadership, Project Management, Ecological Construction, Ethics, and Safety with virtually every education program that MBI offers providing credits in one or more of these critical areas.  The Master Builder Designation is earned when an individual reaches 150 credits.

Upon completion of the 150 credits, the individual will be recognized at the next Annual Winter Conference.  In addition, Master Builders of Iowa has worked with artists and designers to create a unique award to denote the significance of this accomplishment that will be presented to recipients at the Annual Winter Conference.

All you have to do is fill out the application form to start tracking your credits for the Master Builder Designation.  If you have any questions, please contact Tom Fulcher at (515) 657-4395 or

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To register for sessions and events at the 2016 Annual Winter Conference, please use the links below.  For questions, please contact Nichole Fry at (515) 657-4386 or

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In the competitive construction industry, it pays in loyalty and quality to invest in training and professional development. Years of experience and on-the-job training can provide crucial knowledge to perform tasks at hand, but the best professionals constantly seek to learn about new technologies and techniques to improve their performance on site and in the office.

MBI's mission is to be the essential resource for improving member performance and promoting a business environment favorable to the construction industry and continued learning opportunities are a critical component of MBI's mission to provide value to its members. We encourage you to spend a little time on the educational offerings page to view some of the wide range of educational, professional development, and training opportunities that MBI offers.