March 24, 2018

Class of 2017

Jamie Beyer
Graham Construction Co.

Justin Brown
Downing Construction Inc.

Matt Bulkeley
Knutson Construction Services, Inc.

Jordan Einck

Brett Foley

Ryan Haaland

Jon Hapke
Skold Door Company

Brian Hostetler

Sean Larson

Aaron McCaslen

Austin Meyn
J. E. Dunn Construction

Scott Mohr

Phill Nieman
Peters Construction Corp.

Josh Plein
Dave Schmitt Construction Co., Inc.

Mike Sherman
Hy-Vee Construction, LC

Jordan Stokes
Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Casey Tierney
Schumacher Elevator Company

Matt Tursi
The Weitz Company

Brian Weber
Story Construction Co.

Mitch Zeman
Breiholz Construction Co.


The 13th year of the MB EYE on the Future program was comprised of 20 leaders from our industry.  In addition to extensive leadership training and networking, each class is asked to implement a class project that will involve an industry-wide or MBI improvement initiative.  The class of 2017 continued the previous class’s focus on the growing concern of the labor shortage in the construction industry – The Future Workforce.

The Future Workforce – Mission Statement

To establish a strong, well-trained, and ready pool of workers who see the industry as a safe, fun, and rewarding career option.

The Future Workforce – Vision Statement

Informing students, parents, teachers, counselors, and school leaders on the commercial construction industry and the opportunities for great careers within it.

As we all know, the labor shortage is a major concern in the industry.  Last year’s class saw the creation of and Construction Week, both of which are aimed at increasing general public awareness of opportunities the construction industry has to offer.  Everyone working in construction knows that you can earn a good living without going into debt after high school graduation, but few outside of the industry are aware of this.  This year’s class evaluated the results of the first year of and Construction Week and made various enhancements of their own for 2017.

The goal during their group discussions were how to make the workforce initiatives easier to implement for MBI members and schools.  The following ideas were developed from this year’s class:

  • A social media campaign was created for Build Iowa, including Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat
  • Additional resources to be created and added to the Construction Week section of the MBI website
    • Timeline calendar for workforce initiative dates
    • Elevator speeches to help describe what Construction Week is to others
    • Lists of ideas for what to do during construction week
  • The creation of a new marketing piece to promote the construction industry to students and parents that focuses on the careers listed on

If you would like more information about their class project and how to get involved in Construction Week, please contact Aly Schmidt at / (515) 657-4380.

Testimonials from MB EYE on the Future Class of 2017:

“MB ‘EYE’ on the Future has provided me an invaluable resource to further my development and personal growth individually and within my company. The tools and training provided over-exceeded my expectations. I regularly find myself referencing class material and takeaways to get me through certain situations. The overall engagement between MBI, Ken Bradford, and Matt Bruinekool really shows how much time and effort was put in this course. Truly proud to say that I had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program! Thanks!” - Jordan Einck, Ball Team, LLC

“I think that I have gained an unmeasurable amount of confidence from this course with Ken. Speaking in front of groups is so much easier now. I think one of the most important factors is being able to just talk and relate with people better. It’s fascinating to me that I can learn skills to be a better communicator and leader, similar to learning more tangible skills like riding a bike. In addition to my self-growth, I was able to meet a lot of great people in the industry that I hope to keep in touch with throughout my career and life.” - Matt Tursi, The Weitz Company

“The MB ‘EYE’ on the Future course provided so many opportunities for me to improve my speaking, interpersonal, and leadership skills. I constantly found myself sharing my experiences from the previous class with my family, coworkers, and members of my community. The skills and tools I have learned from this class will undoubtedly transfer to nearly all aspects of my life and I am grateful to MBI for the opportunity to be able to participate.” - Justin Brown, Downing Construction

“The techniques I got out of the class to help improve my speaking are great and I will use them all my life. The self-inflection of what I was doing wrong or why I was doing it taught me a lot about myself and how to improve both my professional and personal life. I can honestly say I’ve never taken a class like this before.” - Brett Foley, Bush Construction

“If you or your staff need to develop small or large group speaking skills and confidence, this is the class to take. This was my third “speech” class and the only one in which confidence was developed in order to have a one-on-one conversation with someone I didn’t know yesterday. It gave me the skills to learn and of which to be aware to lead a conversation and develop relationships. It was hard work and induced anxiousness, but we were actually taught how to overcome that emotion.” - Aaron McCaslen, Vector Construction, Inc.