February 23, 2018

2018 Build Iowa Career Fairs

For the last two years, MBI, has been working to assist our members in solving their workforce shortage issues through the Build Iowa initiative. Part of this process has been acting as an intermediary to fulfill our members’ desire for more connection and interaction with their local school districts.

To further our efforts in this area in 2018, MBI and Build Iowa will be hosting the first MBI members-only career fair. This career fair will be held on two separate occasions, once in eastern Iowa on April 10th, 2018, and once in central Iowa on April 16th, 2018, and is free of charge for any MBI member to have booth space. These career fairs will be marketed to the surrounding school districts to bring in as many potential future workers as possible.

MBI views these events as a way to continue in our mission of serving our members workforce needs, while also assisting in the establishment of long term relationships between MBI members and their local school districts.

For more information or to register your company or school, please use the documents below.


Carl A. Nelson & Company
Heartland Finishes Inc.
McComas-Lacina Construction Co. LC
Merit Construction Co.
Mortenson Construction
Portzen Construction Inc.
Star Equipment, Ltd.
Story Construction Co.
Woodruff Construction, LLC

Baker Group
Cunningham Inc.
Dean Snyder Construction
Heartland Finishes Inc.
Henkel Construction Co.
Proctor Mechanical Corporation
SHYFT Collective
Star Equipment, Ltd.
Story Construction Co.
The Weitz Company
Woodruff Construction, LLC

For more information, contact: